Usage for correctMyAntennaPositions (from Eric Villard)

There is a function called correctMyAntennaPositions, which you can use to correct antenna position errors in casa. It needs a couple other files (updated regularly by the antenna group) which you will obtain when updating your cvs local directory:
  • ~/AIV/science/PadData/almaAntPos.txt
  • ~/AIV/science/PadData/antennaMoves.txt'
Then, in casa, if you run the following commands, it will print out the exact gencal command you need to run to apply the most recent position offsets applicable to your array configuration:

es = aU.stuffForScienceDataReduction()
print es.correctMyAntennaPositions('?')	# put here the name of your ms

Note: In order to use this function, you must have imported the data such that the ms contains the tables ASDM_ANTENNA and ASDM_STATION. One way to do this is to import all tables with asis='*'. I think you can also say asis='Antenna Station' to get just those two.

-- ToddHunter - 2011-10-12
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