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This is a utility to copy a scaled version of the Tsys values from one antenna to another antenna. It automatically detects and processes old cal tables (casa <= 3.3) or new cal tables (casa >= 3.4), but has only been tested on new tables. See also replaceTsys, replaceTsysScan, and removeTsysSpike.


au.copyTsys(calTable, fromAntenna, toAntenna, spw='', scan='', scaleFactor=1.0, unflag=False)
  • fromAntenna: integer ID or string ID or string name
  • toAntenna: integer ID or string ID or string name
  • spw: integer, list, or integer string (to restrict to one or more spws), -1==>all
  • scan: integer, list, or integer string (to restrict to one or more scans), -1==>all
  • scaleFactor: optional scale factor to apply when copying
  • unflag: if True, then also use the CASA task flagdata to unflag the Tsys after copying (then flag the appropriate number of TDM edge channels: 8/128)


CASA <4>: au.copyTsys('test.tsys',fromAntenna='DA41',toAntenna='DA42',scan=[22])
Reading from row 150 (antenna 0, scan 22, spw 9)
Reading from row 510 (antenna 0, scan 22, spw 11)
Reading from row 870 (antenna 0, scan 22, spw 13)
Reading from row 1230 (antenna 0, scan 22, spw 15)
Writing to row 151 (antenna 1, scan 22, spw 9)
Writing to row 511 (antenna 1, scan 22, spw 11)
Writing to row 871 (antenna 1, scan 22, spw 13)
Writing to row 1231 (antenna 1, scan 22, spw 15)
Replaced 4 rows

-- ToddHunter - 2014-10-21
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