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For a linear relationship, this function computes Y and its uncertainty given a value of X and the uncertainties on the fitted slope and intercept that relate these two variables. This is a wrapper for the method of the same name in the linfit class.


au.computeStdDevMonteCarlo(slope, slopeSigma, intercept, interceptSigma, x, trials=10000)
  • trials: the higher the number, the more accurate is the result (at the cost of time)


Find the uncertainties in the expected 12C/13C isotope ratio using the curve fit of Milam et al. 2005 for an object at a galactocentric radius of 4.79 kpc. There is also a convenient wrapper for this: au.coGradient(4.79).
CASA <2>: au.computeStdDevMonteCarlo(5.41, 1.07, 19.03, 7.9, 4.79)
44.844182 +- 9.520469 (scaled MAD = 9.568575)

-- ToddHunter - 2013-08-27
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