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Reads an ASCII file with unixtime, azimuth and elevation as columns and produces a new file with UT, right ascension, hour angle and declination. It is meant to be run on data files produced by the SxP4Test.cpp program which produces az, el directions from satellite TLEs.


au.computeRADecFromAzElUnixtime(filename, outname=None, timeColumn=1, azimuthColumn=2, elevationColumn=3, observatory='ALMA')
  • timeColumn: the column number containing time (columns start at zero) in unix time (seconds since 1970)
  • azimuthColumn: the column number containing azimuth in degrees
  • elevationColumn: the column number containing elevation in degrees
  • observatory: the name of the observatory for the azimuth, elevation values. Must be either a name recognized by the CASA me tool, or a JPL Horizons ID listed in the JPL_HORIZONS_ID dictionary at the top of this module.


-- ToddHunter - 2014-01-20

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