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Computes the J2000 RA/Dec for a specified Az/El (in AZELGEO coordinates), MJD (or date/time string) and observatory name using the casa measures tool. See also computeAzElFromRADecMJD. The current known observatories (stored in /usr/lib64/casapy/data/geodetic/Observatories/ ) are:
  • ['ALMA', 'ARECIBO', 'ATCA', 'BIMA', 'CLRO', 'DRAO', 'DWL', 'GB', 'GBT', 'GMRT', 'IRAM PDB', 'IRAM_PDB', 'JCMT', 'MOPRA', 'MOST', 'NRAO12M', 'NRAO_GBT', 'PKS', 'SAO SMA', 'SMA', 'VLA', 'VLBA', 'WSRT', 'ATF', 'ATA', 'CARMA', 'ACA', 'OSF', 'OVRO_MMA', 'EVLA', 'ASKAP', 'APEX', 'SMT', 'NRO', 'ASTE', 'LOFAR', 'MeerKAT', 'KAT-7', 'EVN', 'LWA1', 'PAPER_SA', 'PAPER_GB', 'e-MERLIN', 'MERLIN2', 'Effelsberg', 'MWA32T']


au.computeRADecFromAzElMJD(azel, mjd, observatory='ALMA', verbose=True)
  • azel must be a tuple in radians: [azimuth,elevation]
  • mjd must either be a floating point value in days, or a date string in of the following formats:
    • 2011/10/15 05:00:00
    • 2011/10/15-05:00:00
    • 2011-10-15 05:00:00
    • 2011-10-15-05:00:00
  • prints the RA,Dec in hours and degrees (unless verbose=False)
  • returns the [RA, Dec] in radians


CASA <3>: au.computeRADecFromAzElMJD([35.9*pi/180.,78*pi/180.], mjd=56483.128219)
RA = 18.240 hr   Dec = -13.166 deg
  Out[3]: [4.7753355872724921, -0.22979604211018032]

-- ToddHunter - 2013-09-27
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