Usage of computeExpectedFWHM

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Uses scipy.signal to perform the convolution of one (or two) top-hat functions with a Gaussian, and reports the FWHM of the result. See also primaryBeamArcsec to compute the ALMA primary beam for a specific observation, or at a specific frequency, and gjincBeam to compute the restoring beam appropriate for a total power image produced by sdimaging. The inverse of this function is deconvolveDiskFromBeam.


au.computeExpectedFWHM(beam_fwhm, disk_diameter_arcsec, disk_diameter_arcsec2=None)


  CASA <3>: au.computeExpectedFWHM(10.0, 3.0)
  Out[3]: 10.209726

-- ToddHunter - 2012-04-09
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