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Computes the az/el for a specified source position, LST and observatory. See also computeAzElFromRADecMJD and computeUTForElevation.


au.computeAzElFromRADecLST(raDec, lst=None, observatory='ALMA', date='2014-01-01', degrees=False)
  • raDec must either be a tuple in radians: [ra,dec], or a string of the form "hh:mm:ss.sss"
  • lst: in Radians, or a string in "hh:mm:ss", if None, then use the current LST
  • degrees: if False, returns Az,El in radians; otherwise degrees


CASA <2>: au.computeAzElFromRADecLST('18:54:00 -18:00:00', '15:00',degrees=True,observatory='VLA')
  Out[2]: [123.20013567670988, 13.768418045390794]
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