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Computes the aggregate non-overlapping bandwidth for a list of spws of a measurement set. It does not correct for the reduced sensitivity at the edges of the baseband. Called by gaincalSNR and plotspws.


au.computeAggregateBandwidth(vis, spw)
  • vis: measurement set
  • spw: an integer list, or comma-delimited string list of spw IDs
  • bandwidth value in Hz


CASA <2>: au.computeAggregateBandwidth('/lustre/naasc/cbrogan/Cycle1_data_reduction/Reduce_2012.1.00123.S/Calibrate_X208d/',spw=[17,19,21,23])
  Out[2]: 7493939524.4821777

-- ToddHunter - 2014-09-18
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