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This was written to answer helpdesk ticket 5680. Compares Hanning smoothing in time domain (ALMA correlator) vs. CASA (hanningsmooth task) .


au.compareHanning(npts=30000, bw=300, noise=0.5, ncomponents=50, maxtime=200,
                   xlimits = [45,80], ylimits = [-10, 3000], denominator=0.025,
  • bw: bw/npts sets the initial fraction of the spectrum to plot, starting at zero frequency
  • npts: number of points in the simulated timestream
  • ncomponents: number of sinewave components to create Gaussian line profile
  • noise: level of noise compared to largest sinewave amplitude
  • xlimits: for the plot
  • ylimits: for the plot
  • denominator: sets the width of the simulated Gaussian line profile
  • drawstyle: 'default' or 'steps'


See page: ALMA window functions

-- ToddHunter - 2014-08-16

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