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Uses Robert Lucas' modules to compare multiple results from tc_antpos and generate plots of XYZ vs. time and PWV like those Robert produces. This function is useful for examining the data and potential corrections due to the partial pressure of water vapor and differential barometric correction. See the function averageAntPosResults for producing xml files suitable for updating positions in the TMCDB.


au.compareAntPosResults(antposlist='', errmax=2., antennasToPlot=[],
                         doWvrCorrection=False, dropAntennas=[],
  • antposlist: list of results files, '' => use all in current directory These files are expected to be named in the following format: uid___XXXX_XXXXXXXX_XXXX_delays_U_refAnt_WET_antpos_result
  • errmax: maximum error (in mm) for a dataset to be plotted on 'vs. Date' plot
  • antennasToPlot: an empty list means all antennas, comma-delimited string or list of strings
  • dropAntennas: list of antennas to drop when fitting for rms vs. distance, e.g. ['PM02']
  • drawFits: if True, then run it twice, drawing rms vs. distance fits on the second time

-- ToddHunter - 2015-11-21
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