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Check for gaps in the time series data of the ALMA TMC database for a specific monitor point on a specific date.


import tmUtils as tmu
tmu.check_for_time_gaps(antenna='DV01', device='IFProc0', monitorpoint='GAINS', startdate=None, enddate=None, 
     sigma=5, showFirstGap=False, outpath='./', removefile=True)
  • antenna = 'DV01'
  • device = 'LLC'
  • monitorpoint = 'CNTR_0'
  • startdate = '2010-04-24T00:00:00' # ISO-8601 date or datetime string (default=yesterday)
  • enddate = '2010-04-25T12:00:00' # ISO-8601 date or datetime (optional)
  • sigma: the factor by which an interval must be larger than the median to be declared a gap
  • outpath: specify where to write the text file, at least temporarily
  • removefile: set to False to keep the query results in the text file


CASA <4>: tmu.check_for_time_gaps('DV06','IFProc0','GAINS','2013-10-18')
Retrieving 2013-10-18/CONTROL_DV06_IFProc0/GAINS.txt
Median Interval = 10.000000 seconds
Found 7 gaps of median size = 810.000000 seconds
Lost data = 12122.000000 seconds = 14.239064 percent of total dataset
  Out[4]: 7

-- ToddHunter - 2013-10-19
Topic revision: r3 - 2013-11-09, ToddHunter
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