2006-09-21 ALMA Calibration Group Examples Document Review

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  1. EdFomalont
  2. Dasake Iono
  3. RobertLucas
  4. MarkHoldaway
  5. JeffMangum
  6. Dick Sramek
  7. BaltasarVilaVilaro

Review of Polarization Calibration Example

  • See comments on CalExamples wiki.
  • Comments by BaltasarVilaVilaro :
    1. Mention that feeds are linearly polarized.
    2. Section 2.1: Does delay determination require a strongly polarized source?
    3. Section 2.2: "nodding" = "fast switching" or "phase".
    4. Section 2.2, Bullet 4: How is angle measured? Planets?
    5. Section 2.3: Mention how polarization beam will be measured.
    6. Section 3: Some rewording of "further issues".

Review of ACA Calibration Issues Example Document

  • See comments on CalExamples wiki.
  • Comments by RobertLucas :
    1. Would be useful to have a list of priorities for single dish calibration measurements. Reference to ACA single dish calibration document should be made.
  • Comments by BaltasarVilaVilaro :
    1. Not really a true example document.
    2. Add estimates on ALMA/ACA calibration frequency of measurement. So-called "cross-calibration" or ALMA+ACA calibration issues.

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-- JeffMangum - 21 Sep 2006

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