2006-06-08 ALMA Calibration Group Examples Document Review

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  1. MarkHoldaway
  2. RobertLucas
  3. JeffMangum
  4. Shigehisa Takakuwa
  5. Dick Sramek
  6. BaltasarVilaVilaro

Review of Bandpass Calibration Example

  • Baltasar Vila Vilaro :
    • It would be instructive to include the minimum measurement steps involved in a bandpass calibration measurement. Good point. RobertLucas will add this.
    • Incorrect mention of 3/5% for amplitude calibration. Will fix.
    • Regarding the insertion of attenuators and phase changes. Will additional measurements be required? Yes. Should probably make baseband calibration measurements after each attenuator change. This discussion will be expanded.
    • Further comments and typo pointers are posted to the CalExamples wiki. Thanks!

Review of Pointing Calibration Example

  • Baltasar Vila Vilaro :
    • Is line pointing allowed? Yes. Will make general statement that all pointing will use a "channel average" measurement, where the channel average may be the whole band (continuum) or just a selected number of spectral channels (spectral line). (DONE: JeffMangum)
    • Where is subreflector positioned during a pointing measurement? Pointing measurements for a given science band are made with the subreflector positioned for optimum science band sensitivity, but measured with a lower-frequency (i.e. Band 3) band. (DONE: JeffMangum)
    • Further comments and typo pointers are posted to the CalExamples wiki. Thanks!
  • Robert Lucas :
    • Need to check to see if single dish spectral line pointing is in the SSR Requirements.
    • Should we just calculate the refraction correction using ATM? Good point. Perhaps. Need to look into this.

Assigned to Due date Description State Notify  
JeffMangum 2006-08-01 Look into using ATM to do full refraction calculation. (go to action) closed JeffMangum edit

Next Review

On 2006/07/13 we will review the antenna location and antenna and electronic delay calibration example documents.

-- JeffMangum - 08 Jun 2006
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