ALMA Amplitude Calibration Memos

  1. Perley, R. and Hayward, B. 2008, EVLA Memo 119, Wide-Band Sensitivity and Frequency Coverage of the EVLA and VLA L-Band Receivers
    • Describes basic correlator-coefficient measurement of the system temperature.
  2. Perley, R. and Sowinski, K. 2008, EVLA Memo 120, Some Thoughts on System Temperature Measurements for the EVLA
  3. Amplitude Calibration System; Characterization of Semitransparent Vanes: Jimenez, F. M., Pintado, J. M., and Castaner, M. S.; July 10, 2007
  4. Far-Infrared and Millimeter Continuum Studies of K Giants: Alpha Bootis and Alpha Tauri: Cohen, M., Carbon, D. F., Welch, W. J., Lim, T., Schulz, B., McMurry, A. D., Forster, J. R., and Goorvitch, D. 2005, AJ, 129, 2836
  5. Saturation Correction with Atmospheric Fluctuations: Bacmann and Guilloteau; January 20, 2005; ALMA Memo 514
  6. Accurate Jovian Radio Flux Density Measurements Show Ammonia to be Saturated in the Upper Troposphere: Gibson, Welch, and de Pater; May 3, 2004; Icarus (in press)
  7. The Amplitude Calibration System Revisited: Guilloteau and Bacmann; September 16, 2003; ALMA Memo 461
  8. Load Calibration at Millimeter and Submillimeter Wavelengths: Mangum; October 18, 2002; ALMA Memo 434

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