2007-05-10 ALMA Calibration Group Telecon Agenda and Minutes

ALMA Calibration Group Telecon
  • Date: May 10, 2007 (Thursday)
  • Time: 14:00 UT
  • Duration: 1.0 hr
  • USA Toll Free Number: 1-877-919-7148
  • International: +1-203-566-1039
  • Passcode: 5 1 0 4 6 8
  • Leader: JeffMangum

Table of Contents:

Complete List of Action Items

Action Items from Last Telecon

Assigned To Due Date Description State Notify  

Agenda and Minutes

NOTE: Discussion from the telecon is shown in italic.


  1. Richard Hills
  2. ToddHunter
  3. RobertLucas
  4. JeffMangum
  5. Matsushita
  6. Bojan Nikolic
  7. Sakiuchi
  8. BaltasarVilaVilaro

Calibration Examples Status

Still waiting on final versions of bandpass (RobertLucas), delay (RobertLucas), polarization (EdFomalont), optics (BaltasarVilaVilaro), and ACA calibration issues (EdFomalont) calibration examples. See CalExamples wiki for further information.

Calibration Sequence Development

Will begin process of turning CalExamples into calibration "sequences" during 2007Q2. Need to first meet with Computing IPT to figure out which Computing IPT personnel will be available to participate in sequence development.

Noted by RobertLucas: During Computing IPT Leads meeting in Socorro in June RobertLucas plans on discussing temperature scale calibration issues with Computing IPT.

Amplitude Calibration Subsystem Development Reports

  • Berkeley Absolute Flux Calibration System (Jack Welch)
    • No report.
  • Semi-Transparent Vane (STV) Calibration System
    • Need only to get final report from Jesus Martin-Pintado. This is still pending.
  • Multi/Dual-Load (M/DL) Calibration System (Matt Carter)
    • No new news.

Weather (Ancilliary) Measurement Devices

In December 2006 JeffMangum submitted weather station instrumentation (RH, P, T, and wind) RFQ documentation to NRAO procurement system. After having reviewed information received from bidders and consulted with Calibration Group (see CalAncillary for discussion), on 2007/03/21 JeffMangum submitted purchase information to RobertLaing for procurement.

Oxygen Sounder

No new progress on device characterization. As noted previously, JohnRicher has developed a contact with one of the companies that produces O2 sounders. With BojanNikolic will investigate issues related to operating such a device at 5000 m, among other things.

Solar Observations and Calibration

It has proven difficult to keep the nutator both light enough to nutate and cool enough in the face of the expected solar flux. We have been asked if the four nutators will be necessary for solar observations. Bastian thinks not and is thinking on it. We may need to ensure that these nutators never observe the Sun.

Issue raised by BaltasarVilaVilaro. Has heard rumor that there is a problem with nutators and solar observations and/or observations near the Sun. Will have to wait for PDR to see exactly what issue is before commenting.

MarkHoldaway has written a draft document on Calibration of Solar Observations. We discussed this document at our last telecon. Few revisions are needed. MarkHoldaway will update and submit final version within the coming few weeks.

Date of Next Phone Meeting

The next ALMA Calibration Group telecon will be 2007, June 21st 14:00 UT.
-- JeffMangum - 08 May 2007
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