Usage of build_amc_exec_list

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Builds a list of analyzemscal commands corresponding to a list of ms's in a pipeline test results area by searching the html results table. It calls build_ms_list.


amc.build_amc_exec_list(prefix='/home/', outname='', searchString='', webarea=True, webpagedir='May2013_heuristics', otherParameters='')
  • searchString: can be used to limit the list to those html files that contain the specified string (such as a username).
  • webarea, webpagedir: parameters passed to analyemscal
  • otherParameters: a string containing a list of other parameters, with internal comma delimiters, e.g. "refant='DV03', manualcaldir='mydir'"


CASA <2>: amc.build_amc_exec_list(searchString='thunter')
list of 25 ms left in file =
list of 25 amc commands left in =

-- ToddHunter - 2013-07-12
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