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Add new filters to Robitaille's sedfitter module, or simply plot them. See also filtwav.


tt.buildFilterConvolutions(files, modeldir=None, plotfile='', plotonly=False)
  • files: a list of ASCII file names, each containing wavelength (in microns) and response (either a list of strings, or a single comma-separated string, or with wildcard '*')
  • modeldir: the name of the directory where the Robitaille models are stored
  • plotfile: if not blank (or if plotonly==True), then produce a plot. Default = 'filter_curves.png'


>>> tt.buildFilterConvolutions('*.txt',plotonly=True)
LABOC.txt: 870.000000, effective wavelength = 874.701034, sumr=6.144877e-10
PACS1.txt: 70.000000, effective wavelength = 71.889247, sumr=3.267786e-10
PACS2.txt: 100.000000, effective wavelength = 102.457307, sumr=6.533064e-10
PACS3.txt: 160.000000, effective wavelength = 166.185587, sumr=1.615730e-09
SPIR1.txt: 250.000000, effective wavelength = 263.164762, sumr=2.677616e-10
SPIR2.txt: 350.000000, effective wavelength = 355.869550, sumr=6.662323e-10
SPIR3.txt: 500.000000, effective wavelength = 501.191609, sumr=6.433639e-10

-- ToddHunter - 2015-04-28
  • filter_curves.png:
    filter curves.png
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