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Computes the K factor from equations 14 and 15 of Gordon, Baars & Cocke (1992), which should be applied (in addition to the normal Jy/K factor) to the antenna temperature measured at the center of a planetary disk in order to get the total flux density of the planet.


au.beamCorrectionFactor(beam, disk, gaussian=False)
  • beam: FWHM of Gaussian beam
  • disk: diameter of planetary disk
  • gaussian: if True, then treat second parameter as FWHM of a Gaussian source rather than a disk


The case of a 17 arcsec beam and a 3 arcsec planet.
CASA <26>: au.beamCorrectionFactor(17,3,True)
  Out[26]: 1.021585898356538

-- ToddHunter - 2014-08-27

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