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Converts a taper in dB to the constant X in the formula FWHM=X*lambda/D for a parabolic illumination pattern using either equation 18 from ALMA Memo 456 or Equation 4.13 from Baars' 2007 book. We assume that taper_dB comes in as a positive value. See also effectiveTaper, goldsmithTaperFactor, and primaryBeamArcsec.


au.baarsTaperFactor(taper_dB, use2007formula=True)
  • if use2007formula == True: use 1.269 - 0.566*tau + 0.534*(tau)**2 - 0.208*(tau)**3
  • if use2007formula == False: use 1.243 - 0.343*tau + 0.12*(tau)**2


CASA <7>: au.baarsTaperFactor(12)
  Out[7]: 1.1572237723314809
-- ToddHunter - 2013-07-11
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