Pol 0 History: 2008-12-11 Removed Mixer s/n 113 for gain slope issues; replaced with s/n 120;
  2009-03-05 Removed Mixer s/n 120 for oscillation, replaced with Mixer s/n 127
Pol 1 History: 2008-12-11 Removed Mixer s/n 104 for gain slope issues; replaced with s/n 138

Data below compares noise temps, image rejection, and IV curves for B6-012 measured on 2009-05-03 with the same measurements made around mid Dec 2008. Note that the Pol 1 image rejection degraded significantly since December.

2009-05-06 13:14 - Mike Lambeth found screws loose that connect preamps to mixer block. These screws should be torqued by Mike and then again by Ralph prior to installtion in the CTS. Mike also found one LED loose.

Pol 0 IR measures 1.5 dB better now than in Dec B6-012IRP0.GIF B6-012IRP0Old.GIF
Pol 1 IR is 4 dB now, vs 12 dB in Dec, or 8 dB worse. B6-012IRP1.GIF B6-012IRP1Old.GIF
Pol 0 Noise Temp is now 10K worse in middle of IF band B6-012NTP0.GIF B6-012NTP0Old.GIF
Mid band (IF) Pol 1 Noise Temps are now 15K worse than in Dec. B6-012NTP1.GIF B6-012NTP1Old.GIF
IV Curves are identical B6-012IVP1Chip1.GIF B6-012IVP1Chip1Old.GIF
IV Curves are Identical B6-012IVP1Chip2.GIF B6-012IVP1Chip2Old.GIF
-- JohnEffland - 2009-05-06
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