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This function runs Robert's CompareAntPosResults.py for a list of tc_antpos results files, takes the resulting weighted mean corrections, and writes them into a new synthetic results file that is meant to be used with EditPositions.py and UpdatePosition.sh. Specific datasets can be dropped for specific antennas. If you simply want to plot the comparison, then use au.compareAntPosResults.


au.averageAntPosResults(antposlist='', antennas='', dropDatasets={}, errmax=2.0, minSnr=4.0, writeFile='', verbose=False)
  • antposlist: list of results files, '' => use all in current directory These files are expected to be named in the following format: uid___XXXX_XXXXXXXX_XXXX_delays_U_refAnt_WET_antpos_result
  • antennas: list of antennas to process, '' => use all in results files
  • errmax: mm, passed to CompareAntPosResults.addResults()
  • minSnr: passed to CompareAntPosResults.plotAntenna and used to recommend which antennas to update
  • writeFile: (partial) name of one of the ASDM UIDs to be used when creating the new mean result. If not specified, then the most recent will be used.
  • dropDatasets: dictionary keyed by antenna name, where values are the datasets to ignore for that antenna. Example: {'DA41':['Xc5ef'], 'DA43':['Xc5ef'], 'DA46':['Xc5ef'], 'DA47':['Xc5ef'], 'DA48':['Xc5ef'], 'DA49':['Xc5ef'], 'DA57':['Xc5ef'], 'DA59':['Xc5ef'], 'DA63':['Xc5ef'],
    ['Xc5ef'], 'DV20': ['Xc5ef'], 'DV21': ['Xc5ef'], 'PM03':['Xa587','Xaf1b','X212a']}

-- ToddHunter - 2015-11-18
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