ALMA North American Science Advisory Committee

Contact Information for those calling in.

* Call date: 2018-4-24 1:00 pm EDT or 17:00 UT (Tuesday (Wednesday in Taipei))
  • Duration: 1 hr
    * USA Number: 866-692-3582
    • Passcode: 5862937 #
  • Leaders: S. White, P. Jewell, A. Wootten
  • CV Room: PRJ office

  • Attendees:



  1. Old Business
  2. New Business under Discussion.

Discussion Items

  1. ALMA science key indicators
    • 989 refereed ALMA publications.
    • 1486 post-proprietary project data are available in the ALMA Archive.
    • 91 ALMA papers published so far in 2018.
  2. Upcoming f2f meeting--comments on agenda? Agenda page
  3. ASAC f2f Meeting. ASAC members contact for authorizations, reimbursements
  4. NAASC
    • Cycle 5 progress update
    • Cycle 6 CfP experiences. Over 1800 proposals were receiver and are being sorted for duplication before going to review.
      • Any questions or comments?
    • Meeting updates:
  5. ALMA Development
    • Development update.
      • Two North America Projects approved for start by the ALMA Board
        • A Significant Upgrade to the ALMA Correlator, Principal Investigator (PI) Rich Lacasse (NRAO), co-Investigators Escoffier, Greenberg, Saez, Ojeda, Baudry, Webber. An upgrade to the 64-antenna ALMA correlator is proposed which will: (a) increase the frequency resolution by a factor of eight, providing extended high resolution spectral grasp while providing the increased resolution needed for the lower frequency bands; (b) provide four-bit correlation, improving efficiency and achieving the same sensitivity as currently but in 30% less time; (c) double the processed bandwidth; and (d) provide higher time resolution. Auxiliary upgrades to the archive, receivers, and digital part of the system will also be needed to realize all of these. Together, these improvements make ALMA significantly more efficient at all bands.
          • Lacasse Correlator Upgrade presentation at URSI GASS
          • Prioritization of Correlator modes being incorporated into ALMA Correlator Upgrade: Staging of Science Capabilities
            • Current priority:
              • Increased sensitivity, decreased observing time. 4bit mode, may require higher data rates (but we have an unimplemented 4 bit mode now!).
              • Improved spectral grasp at high spectral resolution. Requires higher data rates, archive expansion.
              • Higher spectral resolution. Can require higher data rates, archive expansion.
              • Broader bandwidth, additional spectral grasp. Requires upgrades to receivers (some capacity now at B6, B9, B10). Requires upgrades to digital path.
              • Higher time resolution. May require higher data rates, archive expansion.
        • ALMA Hardware in Line Simulator
      • (approved Nov 2017) Enabling New Science with the ALMA Phasing System (APS) Phase 2, PI Lynn Matthews (MIT), co-Investigators Crew, Fish, Hecht. The objectives of the APP Phase 2 are to further improve APS operations and enable a significantly greater diversity of scientific capabilities with a phased ALMA. Major components of the proposed Phase 2 work include: (a) improving the management of baseband delays in the correlator to enhance sensitivity and simplify data analysis; (b) enabling spectral line Very Long Baseline Interferometry; (c) extending the frequency range where phasing is offered to encompass Bands 1-7; and other enhancements.
      • New NA Studies Call closed 1 May 2017
  6. Press Releases
  7. ALMA Papers (choose ALMA)

Events of Interest

14-16 May 2018
NRAO Users/ANASAC meeting

See also google calendars:
  1. ALMA Science Meetings

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