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Reads the proper motion for a source (using properMotion), then subtracts it from the phase center of the specified field (to produce the epoch 2000 position).


au.applyProperMotion(vis, source, field=-1, otCoordinates='', parallax=0, verbose=True)
  • vis: measurement set
  • source: ID (integer or string integer)
Optional inputs
  • field: ID (integer), if not specified, then use first field for the source
  • otCoordinates: sexagesimal string
  • parallax: value entered in OT (in arcsec)


CASA <18>: au.applyProperMotion('', 5, otCoordinates='14:39:36.4939, -60:50:02.373', parallax=0.75481)
Phase center =  14:39:29.17478488, -60:49:55.4854822
Inferred epoch 2000 center =  14:39:36.494713, -60:50:02.36192
Difference from OT coordinates = 0.012573 arcsec = 1.67% of the parallax.

-- ToddHunter - 2016-02-25

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