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Computes antenna aperture efficiency equation from the ALMA technical handbook (Cycle 2 page 114, Cycle 3 page 118, Cycle 4 page 130).


au.antennaEfficiency(frequency, surfaceRms, R0=0.72)
  • frequency: GHz or Hz, or string with units (parsed using parseFrequencyArgument)
  • surfaceRms: in microns
  • R0: initial efficiency factor (other than Ruze) default value is for ALMA based on technical handbook
  • returns: telescope efficiency (from 0..1)


CASA <2>: au.antennaEfficiency(100,50)
  Out[2]: 0.68905806960037974
CASA <4>: au.antennaEfficiency('200GHz',20)
  Out[4]: 0.70004091779748756

-- ToddHunter - 2014-05-21
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