Usage of angularSeparation

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Computes the great circle angle between two celestial coordinates. using the Vincenty formula which is correct for all angles, as long as you use atan2() to handle a zero denominator. It also works for the az,el coordinate system.


au.angularSeparation(ra0, dec0, ra1, dec1, returnComponents=False)
ra,dec must be given in degrees, as is the output. If returnComponents is True, it also returns the separation along the two coordinate system components via the following list: [separation, separationRA, separationDec, separationRA*cosine(Dec)]

See also angularSeparationOfStrings, angularSeparationOfFields, angularSeparationOfPlanets, angularSeparationRadians, and angularSeparationRadiansTuples.


CASA <87>: au.angularSeparation(1.11252954444*15, -40.5722087725, 1.11252972222*15, -40.5722111111)
  Out[87]: 3.0938755606396763e-06
CASA <88>: au.angularSeparation(1.11252954444*15, -40.5722087725, 1.11252972222*15, -40.5722111111,True)

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