2019 ANASAC Face-to-Face Meeting


The goals and initiative of this meeting will be:
  • To offer better preparation to the ANASAC for the ASAC
  • Give a more global view of ALMA progress and topics
  • Prepare the ANASAC for the upcoming IVC meetings
There will be less focus on the NA ARC (Please see supporting documentation and ARC specific items will be in italics)

ALMA related topics that will be discussed at this meeting:
  • Overall user experience from proposal preparation to data delivery
  • ALMA Archive access including archive researchers – on the roadmap in ALMA 2030
  • Distributed Peer Review starting in Cycle 7
  • Changes to the Cycle 7 Pipeline improvements & priorities for Cycle 8 Pipeline
  • Raw Data Delivery Pilot Program


Here is the current list of charges that we will be discussing:
  • ANASAC AdHoc Charge #1: Scientific outcomes and impact from all Cycles. Is North America doing well - what are the challenges and are there specific actions that might increase scientific impact?
  • ANASAC AdHoc Charge #2: Assess the status of observations and progress made towards future Cycles. Are the data meeting user expectations? Are the data being released to the PIs in a timely fashion?
  • ANASAC AdHoc Charge #3: The fifth Call for ALMA Development Studies/NA just ended, as did the Call for ALMA Development Projects/NA. Please comment on the process, which was accompanied by specific suggestions ('ALMA2030') developed by ASAC and by reports from previous Studies.

And there are the following ANASAC Standing Charges:
  1. To assist ASAC in presenting a North American view with respect to ASAC Charges (should they exist)
  2. To lead community outreach through leadership of workshops.
  3. To provide a mechanism for widening ALMA's base within the community and feedback to the NAASC on community perception of ALMA.
  4. Evaluation of the ALMA Proposal Process: Current Cycle and ACA Supplemental Call.

ASAC Permanent Charges:
  1. Assessment of the performance of ALMA scientific capabilities: ASAC shall indicate what information is required from the Joint ALMA Observatory (JAO) to perform this assessment.
  2. Assessment of the technical aspects of the ALMA system performance: ASAC shall indicate what information is required from the JAO to perform this assessment.
  3. Assessment of the science outcomes from ALMA: Statistics on publications, citations, press releases, web sites, etc. collected by the Executives shall be collated by the JAO, and analyzed by the ASAC.
  4. Recommendations of ways to maximize ALMA’s scientific impact: This includes review of the scientific effectiveness of the Proposal Review Process after each Proposal cycle.
  5. Reporting on operational or scientific issues raised by the wider community as communicated by the three regional Science Advisory Committees (ANASAC, ESAC and EASAC).
  6. Assessment of the scientific impacts of the ALMA Development Program, and particularly of new projects that are proposed.

ASAC Current AdHoc Charges:
  1. The ASAC should identify the main science cases that would require joint observing proposals between ALMA and other facilities, especially JWST.

Within the broad assessment, the ALMA International Visiting Committee is asked specifically to assess and comment on:
  1. The status of ALMA as compared to its original, level-one science goals.
  2. Is ALMA performing satisfactorily towards its steady-state and full operations definitions?
  3. Are the performance goals for the next 5 years consistent with the mission of the Observatory?
  4. Is the Observatory organized, budgeted and operated to carry out its mission most effectively and to provide high-quality scientific data products to the astronomical community?
  5. Is the ALMA Development Vision appropriate to maintain ALMA as the state-of-the-art and world leading facility for millimeter/submillimeter astronomy?

Relevant Documentation

Document Description Mandatory/Supplemental/Informative
Update to the 2018 Users Committee Report and 2019 Goals for the NA ARC and iSOpT - WORK IN PROGRESS This is the main meeting document that we will use as a reference for all the presentations. While the presentations will touch on each of the topics in this document, a full description and update are given in this memo. Mandatory
ALMA International Visiting Committee – Terms of Reference and Charge   Mandatory
ALMA North American Science Operations Plan for FY19 The FY19 NAASC Playbook. What we are working toward as a Division and what we report on quarterly to the NSF Supplemental
A performance assessment toward the ALMA Level 1 Science Requirements IST Summary report presented to the ALMA Board in 2019 May Supplemental
Reorganization of the NAASC Reporting and Management Structure and POCs for NAASC Activities in FY19 Full description and reorganization of the NAASC starting in FY19 Supplemental
ASAC Report to the ALMA Board March 2019 Supplemental
Cycle 6 Update Presentation on the current status of the progress of Cycle 6 that was given to the ALMA Board in 2019 May Supplemental
Preliminary Cycle 7 Proposal Submission Statistics   Supplemental
Calendar and Important Dates for FY19 Important dates and milestones for the NAASC in Cycle 6 Informative
iSOpT Monthly Newsletter: March & April 2019 Summary memo sent to ALMA staff by iSOpT Informative
iSOpT Monthly Newsletter: Feb 2019 Summary memo sent to ALMA staff by iSOpT Informative
iSOpT Monthly Newsletter: Jan 2019 Summary memo sent to ALMA staff by iSOpT Informative
Five Year Update Plan   Informative
ALMA Steady State and Full Operations   Informative
ALMA Roadmap   Informative
2019-2023 Forward Look ALMA Operations   Informative
2020-2024 Forward Look Performance Goals   Informative

Charlottesville, Virginia

Tuesday, June 4

  • 08:30 – 09:00 Executive session (closed)
  • 09:00 – 09:15 Welcome (Beasley)
  • 09:15 – 09:45 NAASC Status(Remijan)
    • NAASC Goals for 2019 including NA planning for the IVC and the f2f visit in July
  • 09:45 – 10:30 Discussion - IVC Process and Planning

10:30 - 10:45 BREAK

  • 10:45 – 11:15 Science Overview/Publications (Remijan)
  • 11:15 – 11:45 Discussion - NA Publication Rates
    • ANASAC Standing Charge #2 & 3
    • ANASAC Ad Hoc Charge #1
  • 11:45 – 12:15 ALMA Capabilities including Distributed Peer Review- Plans for Cycle 8+ (Vlahakis)
    • 12:15 – 13:00: Discussion - Distributed Peer Review
    • ANASAC (Standing) Charge #4 & Distributed Peer Review evaluation criteria/planning for Cycle 7+

13:00 – 14:00 LUNCH

16:00 - 16:15 BREAK

18.30 DINNER at Burton's Grill

  • The Shops @ Stonefield Route 29 & Hydraulic Rd
  • Charlottesville, VA
  • 434-977-1111

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