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Accepts a list of pipeline-produced images and a list of corresponding manually-produced images and generates a webpage showing statistics of the images, moment 0 and 8 images and spectra. If the .meanSpectrum file does not exist in the image directories, it will run findContinuum and write the result to that directory (if you have write permission). See also analyzemscal.


import analyzemsimage
analyzemsimage.analyzemsimages(pipelineImages=[], manualImages=[],
                    pipelineDir='', manualDir='', automask=False, pblimit=0.5,
                    mom0sigma=2.0, profileSigma=3.0,
                    findcontVerbose=False, overwriteImport=False,
                    overwriteSpecsmooth=False, overwriteRegrid=False,
                    overwriteMask=False, overwriteFindContinuum=False,
                    webarea=True, imagedir='', verbose=False,
                    minmaxScale='manual', regriddedColumn=-1,
                    imageRadius=0, bins=40):
  • pipelineImages: a list of strings, e.g. ['pipe_img1.fits'] or 'img1.fits,img2.fits'
  • manualIamges: a list of strings, e.g. ['manual_img1.image']
  • webfile: full or relative path of html file to produce, e.g. '2013.1.00099.S/index.html'
  • webarea: True: treat webfile as a relative directory, and precede it with /home/
  • imagedir: directory to write new images, default: current working directory
  • automask: if False, then compute statistics over central primary beam (set by pblimit) if True, then use recipes.automask of moment8 (not yet implemented!)
  • pblimit: compute statistics over the central primary beam with radius equal to this Gaussian beam sensitivity level (0.0..1.0)
  • minmaxScale: 'manual' or 'pipeline'; sets the min/max colorbar of residual image
  • mom0sigma: threshold
  • overwriteImport: if True, and image is FITS, then overwrite CASA image if it also exists
  • overwriteSpecsmooth: if True, the regenerate specsmoothed pipeline image if present
  • overwriteRegrid: if True, the regenerate the spatially regridded pipeline image if present
  • overwriteFindContinuum: if True, then rerun findContinuum even if *_findContinuum.dat exists
  • regriddedColumn: which column to place the pipelineRegridded result (2 or 3), <=0 means don't show it, and don't bother running specsmooth
  • imageRadius: radius of image (in arcsec) to display as png
  • bins: number of bins to use in the residual image histogram

-- ToddHunter - 2016-03-10
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