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project reporter AMC vsn terminal file reason
2011.0.00747.S Nathan 1.408 /lustre/naasc/nbrunett/analyzeMScal/2011.0.00747/plotlevel_2_12-10-13/terminal.uid___A002_X4b58a4_X31 long field name separated by semi-colon (;) and space
2011.0.00747.S Nathan 1.408 not around anymore, I deleted it... but I believe this came from ctrl-C during AMC and then simply re-running, email me for more info write-lock
2011.0.00511 Sarah 1.408 /lustre/naasc/swood/analyzemscal/amc/terminal.uid___A002_X4785e0_Xab0  
2011.0.00958 Sarah 1.408 /lustre/naasc/swood/analyzemscal/amc/terminal.uid___A002_X49990a_X1f (it works with a second run through. I think it terminated on the 1st run b/c I timed out on the multivac)
2012.1.00437 Liza 1.412 reference antenna from PL execution is not copied to the web page
2011.0.00017.S Anand 1.412 /lustre/naasc/jcrossle/analyzemscal/tmp2/uid___A002_X4b29af_X403.terminal UnboundLocalError: local variable 'sbGainsY' referenced before assignment
-- RemyIndebetouw - 2013-12-13

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