Right now I'm giving this out by request, so I can keep track - rindebet at nrao.edu

  1. obtain tarball and unpack to subdir simdata2/
  2. run command "buildmytasks" from unix in that subdir. "buildmytasks" is in your distribution, probably but not guaranteed to be in the same directory as the "casapy" command.
  3. "buildmytasks" should create "mytasks.py" and "simdata2.py" and "simdata2_cli.py".
  4. in CASA> execfile("path.to.simdata2/mytasks.py")
  5. now you shold be able to use simdata2 as a normal task e.g. default("simdata2", inp, etc.
  6. make sure to use the new antenna configuration files that are in the tarball. pre-CASA-2.4 versions won't work anymore.

-- RemyIndebetouw - 2009-03-18
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