2010 August 05


  • Time: 16:00 - 17:00 ET = 20:00 - 21:00 UT
  • Location: CV-ER331
  • Video Hub:
  • Domestic Call In: 434-293-7109
  • Int'l Call In: 434-293-6691

Purpose: Initial Discussion of goals and setup.


  1. Assessment of who and where we are and where we want to be at what time.
    • Who: Scott Schnee, Stuartt Corder, Ed Fomalont, John Hibbard, Crystal Brogan, Todd Hunter, Amy Kimball, Remy Indebetouw, Kartik Sheth, Nuria Marcelino). Several of these folks are still off-shore or not employed by NAASC yet; they need not try to attend.
    • Where: Getting our feet wet.
    • Goal: For now, to set up a framework for access to and work on ALMA data in the pre-archive world. We can discuss 'what sorts of data' today.
    • What time: Science verification is still ahead of us.
  2. Comments on the first data and discussion of what sorts of data we should make available. Stuart has offered to help with this.
  3. Discussion of the walkthrough process. I think we should start simple but with some variation in the data. Four or more antennas only?
  4. AOB


  1. Present: Scott Schnee (phone), Ed Fomalont, John Hibbard, Crystal Brogan, Todd Hunter, Remy Indebetouw, Kartik Sheth, Al Wootten
  2. Discussions:
    • Al to discuss the group goals, etc. with Alison Peck and Eric Villard. An email has been sent.
    • CSV Imaging group members: Leader: Eric Villard, *Itziar de Gregorio (Deputy), Jeff Wagg, Stephane Leon, Gianni Marconi, Daniel Fulla, Manuel Aravena, Anita Richards, Martin Zwaan, Baltazar Vila-Vilaro, Kartik Sheth, Sergio Martin, Al Wootten.
    • There is also an Observing Modes group (lead: Andy Biggs), Liz Humphreys, Alison Peck (Deputy),Mark Rawlings,Tony Remijan,Sergio Martin,Tommy Wiklind
  3. Datasets
    • Stuartt, Al, CSV liaisons identify science-relevant datasets created by SB, CSV observations
    • pull asdms over and put on /home/prak/almacomm in tarred gzip format Do not reduce data there.
    • Remy to see about software tools we lack: asdmbrowser, wvrgcal (http://wikis.alma.cl/bin/view/AIV/Application)
    • fill in description on internal wiki. Al to create.
    • group members download and look at data in casapy-test.
    • after preliminary individual examination meet group and discuss specific data.
    • NB All CSV SB data are in jira tickets at jira.alma.cl CSV-142. Reports should to there; work should be logged there. Not all have access to these tickets.
  4. Products:
    • list of datasets and description and respository of asdms (goes on internal wiki)
    • feedback to csv (probably best through csv-jira and CSV imaging group members) and casa.
    • casa script through imaging (place these on csv-jira)
    • eventually casaguide for some subset of good SV dataset(s)

Clear skies, Al
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