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The following is a copy of the original LAMA Memo web page maintained by Larry D'Addario which was located at (and copied to I have edited-out some of the now irrelevant stuff about submitting LAMA memos, for example.

This series of memos is intended to provide a forum for ideas, results, and discussions related to the technology of millimeter- and submillimeter-wavelength telescopes, including existing instruments and new or proposed instruments such as ALMA. It should be noted that most existing instruments already have their own memo series for specialized reports, and that the ALMA project has a memo series that has recently become supervised and where the content of new memos has become subject to restrictions. Readers of LAMA Memos should understand that none of them have been reviewed, so that the content of each is the sole responsibility of its author(s). Opinions expressed are not necessarily those of the NRAO nor of AUI nor of any other organization.

To some extent, this series may be regarded as a continuation of the NRAO's MMA Memos, started in 1982 and originally concerned with the Millimeter Array Project that preceded ALMA. That series had its name changed to "ALMA Memos" after #268, and it remained an unreviewed and unrestricted series up to and including #458.

The title "LAMA" has no special meaning except to provide a distinction between this series and others.

LAMA Memos
Number Author(s) Date Title
808 L. D'Addario 2004-09-07 How To Tune ALMA: An Example
807 D. Emerson 2004-04-19 The Use of Equal LO Transmission Lengths To All Antennas
806 S.-K. Pan, A. R. Kerr, M. W. Pospieszalski, E. F. Lauria, W. K. Crady, N. Horner, Jr., S. Srikanth, E. Bryerton, K. Saini, S. M. X. Claude, C. C. Chin, P. Dindo, G. Rodrigues, D. Derdall, J. Z. Zhang and A. W. Lichtenberger 2004-06-24 A Fixed-Tuned SIS Mixer with Ultra-Wide-Band IF and Quantum-Limited Sensitivity for ALMA Band 3 (84-116 GHz) Receivers
805 M.A. Holdaway, C. Carilli, F. Bertoldi 2004-03-01 ALMA Calibration Source Counts at 250 GHz
804 M. A. Holdaway 2004-01-28 Effect of Global Warming on Precipitable Water Vapor Above Sub-millimeter Wavelength Astronomical Sites
803 M. A. Holdaway and L. D'Addario 2004-01-23 Simulation of Atmospheric Phase Correction Combined With Instrumental Phase Calibration Using Fast Switching
802 L. D'Addario 2003-11-18 Phase Calibration With Fast Switching: Implications for Instrumental Phase Stability
801 L. D'Addario and M. Holdaway 2003-11-11 Joint Distributon of Atmospheric Transparency and Phase Fluctuations at Chatnantor

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