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This table is a public subset of the NRAO-internal table for HD Enhancement time and priority management. NRAO Staff can access the internal wiki here.

Helpdesk Action Item Source Reporter Resolved Priority Notes Requires Software Development
1 Sync the HD user list with the ALMA database on a regular basis to prevent user alerts from going to old email addresses. F2F minutes EU DONE 0

In progress. Ready to test 2/27. Notification may be sent to current an past addresses for all users; this should be resolved with enhancement #3.

Test completed by NA and EU Staff - 3/7/2014

2 Update the MySQL call so the staff view New Ticket page "To", "CC", "Forward", etc, fields only autocomplete using primay email addresses. F2F minutes EU DONE 0 Testing completed (no feedback from EA) Yes
3 Fix the problem where existing ticket alerts are sent to old email addresses because the user updated their email address after generating the ticket. F2F minutes EU DONE 0 Testing completed (no feedback from EA) Yes
4 Forwarding does not require an email address in v4.5 (bug reported to Kayako) ticket #4415 Suzanna DONE 0 Kayako bug.
Will not fix. Considered Resolved given filed Kayako Bug Report
5 User interface search does not return proper results ticket #4611 Anand 0 Josh has provided an NRAO search engine API. Kelly to integrate (as we did to pull in Science Portal hits) Yes
6 Proposal Change Request "P2G contact" and "JIRA ticket" custom fields should be hidden from user. ticket 4387 Anand DONE 0 This will require j-query programming.
Will remove those required fields from the ticket and incorporate that information only in the ticket notes.
28 In Safari, macros pull down menu will persist inappropriately: In the staff interface on, go to -> New Ticket, Macros, then hit the "Back" button. The macro box will persist and you need to close out of the browser. Bug report submitted to Kayako. Awaiting resolution. Bug still present on test server, v4.5. 2013-01-23 minutes DONE 0 Kayako bug.
Will not fix. Considered Resolved given filed Kayako Bug Report
40 Need to take out the Proposal change Request from the General descriptionÂ… (in-page description and mouse-over description) DONE 0 Resolved by updating the submitticket_departments template. Yes Resolved thru admin interface.
39/41 Staff can edit the user in the ticketÂ… this should only be able to be done by Triage. Remove edit tab for general staff member F2F EU 0 Ready for testing by EA and EU. Yes
42 Wrong user name displays in staff-generated tickets. Kelly should file a bug report with Kayako. F2F minutes, HD ticket #4286 Anand DONE 1 Bug report submitted.
Will not fix. Considered Resolved given filed Kayako Bug Report
43 Test functionality of ticket CC, forwarding, and third party fields in v4.5. Has funcionality changed at all from older version? F2F minutes EU DONE 1 Please reply to ticket 4765 if you have questions or desire further testing. Yes
44 Turn off "can login as user" in admin interface. ticket #4415 Suzanna DONE 1 The EU Contact Scientist and NAASC Operations staff groups had ability to login as user. This has been disabled for all non-administrator groups. No
45 We need a notification for editing or deleting a ticket note. ticket 4080 Anand DONE 1 Reprioritized - low Priority. Will not fix. Yes
25 Staff are not properly redirected when logging in. This can be reproduced by logging out, then attempting to open a ticket directly using the URL, and entering the wrong password on the first login attempt. This appears to be a Kayako Bug. 2013-04-18 minutes DONE 1 Bug report submitted to Kayako. Kayako claims this is intended functionality.
Will not fix. Considered Resolved given filed Kayako Bug Report
Details in Ticket 4875.
34 user interface button 'hide closed tickets' doesn't work ticket #4415 Suzanna DONE 1 Resolved Yes
35 rename hide closed tickets button to 'hide resolved and closed tickets' talking w/ Kelly Anand DONE 1 Resolved in admin interface. Yes
1 Restructre the user interface KB front page so "most popular" and "recently added" lists are moved to the top of the page; KB articles by category are on right. F2F minutes previous meeting 2 Yes
2 Added executive option to the HD reports "Ticket Search" page so we can view tickets for only one executive. This will allow EA to view open and closed tickets in one list. F2F minutes EA 2 Yes
3 Add tool tips for the weird HD icons. F2F minutes EU 2 Yes
4 Add more characters to the subject field in the staff ticket view. F2F minutes EU 2 Yes
5 Automatically fill the subject line for new tickets in the Cycle 2 Observing Programs department. F2F minutes EU 2 Yes
6 Show public and private notes in the reports "Ticket Tracker" page. F2F minutes EU 2 Yes
7 Custom tailor user notification emails for: staff generated tickets; user generated tickets; CC tickets. Kelly reports this will take significant programming work. ticket #4415 Suzanna 2 Yes
8 Update user notification templates to make them more "polite". ticket #4415 Suzanna 2 No
9 Setup custom notifications so the triggering event is reported in the notification email subject line. ticket #4415 Suzanna 2 This can be accomplished administratively by setting up additional alerts No
10 Change "Home" link so it goes to the dashboard. ticket #4415 Suzanna X 2
29 Be able to update the custom fields and then send reply WITHOUT having to update the ticket first. Helpdesk Wiki Front page 2 Yes
30 Add the "cc" option to the ticket for users. Helpdesk Wiki Front page 2 Not sure if this falls within scope of the helpdesk. Sounds like a bulletin board or user forum.
31 Eliminate the "search" tickets option when you are in the "submit ticket" process. Helpdesk Wiki Front page 2
32 USS should not be able to assign tickets to another USS only move tickets back to Triage. Helpdesk Wiki Front page 2

Inadvisable. May require changes to core Kayako code.

This can be accomplished by un-selecting the "update ticket" option for a staff team. However, this also prohibits that staff team from changing department and status.

33 A USS must not be able to reply to a ticket they do not own. Helpdesk Wiki Front page 2 Inadvisable. May require changes to core Kayako code.
38 User interface update button should not do anything if nothing has actually been changed; in that case there is nothing to update! test matrix Evanthia 2
39 EU reports that Proposal Change Request Department does not display any mandatory custom fields but prevents submission because mandatory field is missing; Kelly/Tony is unable to duplicate. Is this a remnant from when the change requests were in the "General" department? ticket #4415 Suzanna X 3
40 Verify that user notification emails are sent from "ALMA EU/NA/EA ARC" rather than from the specific staff replier. ticket #4415 Suzanna X 3
41 Insert macro does not work in v4.5 (bug reported to Kayako). ticket #4415 Suzanna X 3
42 In some cases traige needs to receive notifications for all user groups (Proposal Submission Emergency; Transfer to XX). Anand appears to have set this up successfully ticket 4483 Anand X 3
26 Key report functionality needs to be reproduced in HighCharts. 2013-02-01 minutes X 3
27 Retransmit notices when SMTP fails - I believe this is now fixed. 2013-02-01 minutes X 3
36 ALMA logos in user interface should direct users to the appropriate ARC. test matrix Evanthia X 3

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