Team Goals

  1. Interaction with JAO/feedback, Level 3 quality assurance (QA3)
    • Purpose: assess data to assist the CSV team in understanding of the data, along the lines of our eventual Quality Assurance Level 3 task, to discover and perfect the process of processing ALMA data with the intent of TestData
    • Aiding our CSV brethren in data analysis as the data glut grows
      • NB The NA Construction Project has a Sci IPT goal of achieving a six antenna image by 30 Sept, end of FY2010. That is also a Project milestone, currently with an estimated date of 7 Aug. That was achieved/
    • Contributing to the analysis of the ALMA system
      • A requirement for ES is 'Sufficient antenna stations to provide a range of configurations covering the shortest spacings and out to at least 250 m.' If needed, we are ready to help define that range of configurations. CASA contains one 250m configuration at present. Viallefond and Boone will work on this (see Minutes of 2010 Aug 11 CSV Imaging Group Meeting). See Remy's page on configuration simulations
    • Datasets will be provided to train our own staff in the caressing of ALMA data. See listing in table on this page, and links.
    • Note that although wvrgcal was installed on nash it is no longer maintained and one must install it on one's own machine from a tarball from Bojan.
      • Crystal's Guide on ALMA Test Data reduction
      • Martin Zwaan's guide discusses reduction of a couple of OMC1 SiO datasets.
        • OT_SI_SB_Setup_20100409.pdf: CSV standard interferometry SB creation handbook document, from JIRA CSV-127
          • Note that typing the SMA calibrator name into the OT will almost always give you the wrong coordinates!!!
        • OMC1-SiO_Group_Tests.aot: An example SB, not the one which produced the SiO data but similar
        • Find the datasets at /home/prak/almacomm which is a secure location.
        • Script from M. Zwaan for reduction of those OMC1 datasets. Note that this document is several months old and does not reflect CASA development since.
        • Martin Zwaan's guide. Again, CASA has moved along and some comments no longer are correct.
      • 3C274 dataset uid___A002_Xfadc1_X9c/
        • Anita Richards provided this dataset to Ed. I tarred and gzipped it with the comments from the observation logs, and from Anita's initial reduction. It is also at prak as 3C274.tar.gz
      • Some non-SB submillimeter water maser data was obtained and inspected; see the reports below.
    • Link to JAO Imaging Group
    • ALMA OBS MODES Group
  2. (Not yet) Web-ready scripts and guides
  3. Interaction with CASA and Pipeline testing
    • To help with the debugging of CASA problems for ALMA

Minutes of Meetings

  1. TigerTeam_2010Aug5.txt: Minutes of 2010 aug 5 Meeting with AIs
  2. Minutes of 2010 Aug 11 CSV Imaging Team Meeting in attachments
  3. TigerTeam_2010Aug19.txt: Minutes of 2010 Aug 19 Meeting
  4. Minutes of 2010 Sep 2 Meeting
  5. ImagingTeam28Oct2010.txt: Imaging Team Minutes 28 Oct 2010 or wiki
  6. Dec 2 Agenda and Minutes 2 Dec 2010 meeting
  7. Jan 6 Agenda Minutes attached to Agenda
  8. Jan 20 Agenda
  9. Feb 10 Agenda
  10. Feb 17 Agenda

Viable datasets to examine

Data Summary table

The data files listed below are located here.

Brief notes
Link to full notes
2010 Feb 21-22
uid://X02_X3d737_X1 (25 minutes, w/Mars,J0530+135,J0607-085)
83.4 to 85.3 GHz spectrum
R Aql
2010 Jul 12
uid://A002/Xe4a85/X1 (8.2 minutes)
Stellar water maser 658 GHz snapshot
VX Sgr
2010 Jul 12
uid://A002/Xe49be/X1 (0.8 minutes)
Stellar water maser 658 GHz snapshot
R Aql
2010 Aug 02
uid://A002/Xfb508/X124 (3.5 min)
Stellar water maser 325 GHz snapshot
3C274 + 3C273 + Mars
2010 Aug 02
uid://A002/Xfadc1/X9c (36 min + 11 min + 3 min)
3mm continuum
Beta Pic Band 7
2010 Aug 18
uid://A002/X10d81c/Xb7 (36 minutes, w/0538-440)
2010 Aug 20
uid___A002_X10e085_X4e, X148, X1eb, X33f
Three quasars
2010 Aug 20
3-cal phase ref 90 GHz
2010 Aug 28
uid://A002/X11c407/X76 (35 minutes)
with 3c84, 0.85mm
NGC253-690 GHz
2010 Sep 06
uid___A002_X123121_X145 (31 minutes)
NGC253 + Callisto
OBSMODE: G34.3 Spectral Survey
2010 Sep 25,Oct4
2010 Oct 05
uid://A002/X13a23e/X134 (9 min per source), X2b2 (1.3 min per source), X2f0 (1.3 min per source)
Various deepsky
OBSMODE: Io B9 LOOfsetting
2010 Oct 8
4 QSOs phase xfer
2010 Oct 14
Four Orion time QSOs
NGC 6334 I Band 7 CO3-2
2010 Oct 17
uid___A002_X1465d3_Xc7 (75 minutes)
Ganymede, J1626-298, 8 antennas FDM 1 baseband
Stellar Water Masers Band 9
2010 Oct 17 and 19
uid___A002_X148ef0_X132 (32 min RDor), uid___A002_X1494fd_X32 (32 min RDor), uid___A002_X1465d3_X8 (27 min RAql)
no calibrators
MaserSummary CSV-529 (see also CSV-411)
Ceres (Asteroids and Moons)
2010 Oct 18
2010 Oct 19
uid___A002_X1497e7_X27 (37 minutes)
Pks1830 + Neptune + J1924-292
Baseline Test SB Band 3
2010 Oct 21
17 QSOs in a SB (23 minutes)
BaselineTest CSV-429
4 polarizations at Band 3 (J1924-292)
2010 Oct 29-30
uid___A002_X15550d_X21, uid___A002_X15550d_Xb2, uid___A002_X1563b9_X16, uid___A002_X1563b9_X2f
parallactic angle: -16 to +88 deg
NGC 7674 CO 3-2
2010 Oct 30
uid://A002/X1566c8/X33 (36 minutes)
uid://A002/X156a32/X23 (36 minutes)
target, Callisto, Uranus, 3c454; first uid with LO offsetting, second without; both include a DelayCalibration intent
Two quasars at Band 6 (with and w/o LO offsetting)
2010 Nov 07
0538-440,0522-364,callisto (LOOffset +1,+1,-1,-1)
0538-440, 0522-364 (no LOOffset)
4 polarizations at Band 3 (J0538-440)
2010 Nov 08
uid___A002_X15e7f3_X138, uid___A002_X15e7f3_X16d, uid___A002_X15e7f3_X1a2, uid___A002_X15e7f3_X1d7 (62.4 minutes each)
parallactic angle = -48 to +78 deg
Band 7 beta pictoris & 0538-440
2010 Nov 12
uid___A002_X160dda_X37f (43 minutes, w/Uranus), uid___A002_X160dda_X47f (43 minutes, w/Uranus), uid___A002_X160dda_X5a0 (43 minutes), uid___A002_X160dda_X69c (43 minutes), uid___A002_X160dda_X799 (43 minutes)
2010 Nov 16
uid___A002_X1645ff_X148 (43 minutes, w/Uranus), uid___A002_X1645ff_X37e (43 minutes, w/Uranus), uid___A002_X1645ff_X263 (43 minutes, w/ Uranus)
Band 7 BRI0952-0115 CII & Venus
2010 Nov 16
uid___A002_X1645ff_X68d (43 minutes), uid___A002_X1645ff_X58d (43 minutes)
Band 9 beta pictoris & (Callisto or Titan)
2010 Nov 18
uid___A002_X1664e7_X187 (43 minutes), uid___A002_X1664e7_X2bf (43 minutes), uid___A002_X1664e7_X467 (43 minutes)
Band 6 two-polarization data (J0538-440)
2010 Dec 17
uid___A002_X17c9e5_X138, uid___A002_X17c9e5_X3c, uid___A002_X17c9e5_X7b, uid___A002_X17c9e5_Xba, uid___A002_X17c9e5_Xf9
one hour each
Band 3 four-polarization data (J0538-440)
2010 Dec 30
uid___A002_X18a63e_X27a, X31b, X3cc, X46d
one hour each

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