NAASC Third Wednesday Team Meetings; A. Wootten Lead

Meeting Logistics:

  • Call time 13:00 ET or 18:00 UT
  • Connection for Video:
    • From NRAO select "CV-ERAUD"
    • hub ip=
    • alternative ip for Chile only, if above drops:
  • Phone: N/A

Agenda & Minutes, 1:00pm March 21, 2011 (3rd Wednesday)

  • News & Information
    • Thanks for persevering during these many activities!

Looking Ahead

Upcoming Timeline (click to open)

  • NAASC Focus Items

Third Wednesdays:

  • ES Cycle 0 instrument status
    • P2G? for ES Cyc0 observations. No observations have begun for Block 11 but they are expected before it ends.
    • CSV observations of the M95 SN occurred last night
  • ES Cycle 1 preparedness
    • Technical Handbook document reviews
  • Other Topics from Groups & Teams
    • NRC (Gerald) (cannot attend)
      • Expecting to get a draft of the Primer out to the NAASC USG by Thursday
      • GS had a productive visit to NRAO two weeks ago.
      • HIA is querying the Canadian community about interest in holding Cycle 1 tutorials once again.
    • Taiwan (Aaron)
      • "From Dust to Rocks to Planets" proposed for 1st-2nd week of April.
    • Science
    • AAS Meeting
    • Project news and CSV (Al, Stuartt)
      • ALMA-J signed the MoU? between NAOJ and KASI concerning ALMA. KASI is Korean Astronomical Science Institute. Another ALMA nation!
      • 34th antenna delivery. AOS slowly building up a working complement of antennas. Block 10 ES scrubbed, Block 11 threatened but may get some data.
      • Spectrum and fringes at B8 on ACA antennas achieved.
    • Science Communications (Mark Adams)
    • EPO (John Stoke)
    • User Support Group (Carol)
      • Have proposed to commmunity for CDEs; not pushing it this time, also have not had any requests.
      • Proposing to do a Webinar - will discuss at USG meeting tomorrow
      • CDE is Green Bank
      • Primer science examples are completed; draft Primer by end of week.
      • Revised call materials are in hand; will be discussed at USG meeting tomorrow.
      • New science examples and/or simulations will be discussed, but waiting for all material.
    • Data Services Group & Computing (Mark L / David H)
      • Cluster Scheduler Walkthrough. Nodes 1-8 are on Google calendar. Dan has been working on a more automated system for nodes 9-24.
      • Eight datasets delivered to PIs; 9th is in process, 10th is in QA2
      • New Software Engineer II: S. Loveland; will be working on her work load over next few weeks; please let Mark know if you have ideas for this.
      • Crystal (P2G note): Crystal and Remy have been processing data; flex sensitivity calculator issue. Request Contact Scientists should push P2G to include backup calculators. Register on P2G jira ticket.
    • JAO Support Group (John)
    • Documentation review
      • Integrated Test 6
        • Phase 1 (all) Apr 9-13
        • APRC Meetings Apr 23-27 SCO
      • Upcoming AoD
      • SP article link
      • please update jira ticket to be consistent with spreadsheet, before you contact PI. Use Helpdesk ticket to relate to PI status of SBs that were prepared. Scott: No point in contacting PIs who already have all their data. Template email replies called "Compact Status" available.
      • Technical handbook - assignments made in Dec: send comments (factually or conceptually wrong or unclear) to ESO contact with CC to J. Hibbard. Deadline March 30 - please send to John H by Mar 29.
      • March 30 updates to batch 1 and II.
    • Tiger Team (Crystal)
    • Additional reports from teams / individuals

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