!NAASC Third Wednesday Team Meetings; C. Lonsdale Lead

Present: Kartik, Mark L, Carol, Al, Harvey, Scott, DongChan, Rachel, Tony, Kelly, David, Amy, Mark A, Jeff, John S., Robin, Adam, Jim, John H, Lyndele

Agenda, May 18, 2011

  • News & Information
    • New Science Portal deployed in test area today- please "kick the tires". We have a countdown clock!!!
    • Sabattical visitor starts in August: Jonathon Keohone. Joint appointment with EPO for astro 101 course developmen
    • PEP process underway: science self evaluations should have been sent to OSAA already; functional PEPs due June 1
    • Upcoming timeline
      • This week: release of SP and Technical Handbook
      • May 20: input for CDR9 due (release Jan 2012)
      • May 23: tutorial AAS, Boston
      • May 24: tutorial AAS, Boston
      • May 25: tutorial Amherst
      • May 27: tutorial New York
      • June 1: archive open for submissions
      • June 30: proposal deadline
      • July 18-22 (week of): TA workshop & pan-JAO/ARC meet-and-greet
      • August 8: Science and tech assessments due
      • August: panel meetings; results ~29th to PIs
      • September 1-29: Phase II products; [OT Phase II / CASA bootcamp ?]
      • September 30: start ES observations

  • Highlights from Groups & Teams
    • Management (Carol, John)
      • User Committee was last week in Greenbank
    • NRC (Gerald)
      • Gerald working on Primer; please submit comments by end of week
      • next CDE is in London June 3; lunchtime session at Canadian AS meeting.
      • Brenda writing eNews article
      • CANFAR Data Cloud
    • Science (Al)
      • Next Science workshop. Tony is LOC chair; Sienny Shang is SOC chair. Postpone till new year?
    • Project news and CSV (Al, Stuartt)
    • Science Communications (Mark Adams)
      • send out an announcement "last chance to sign up for ALMA Training" at AAS Boston
      • proposal for presentations in Austin have been submitted
    • EPO (John Stoke)
      • Antennae galaxy with ALMA Data created image
      • Tanya will be working with Tiger Team to see what might be created.
      • Camera crews visiting site more, working to get crews in the Vertex building for limited filming.
      • Needs ALMA Sun data
    • User Support Group (Carol)
      • Tutorial presentations further updated: useful revised overview talk. Set posted for community. Presentation (and Memo) templates in prep. Kudos to Kartik for hard work on tutorials (14+ workshops personally attended).
      • Evaluations (comments and scores) have been collated and are available here.
      • Mousepad sent for production; 500 for AAS
      • Last CDEs at AAS, Amherst, New York; NOI statistics; now planning post-deadline tutorial program
      • Need plan for joint / coordinated tutorials with EVLA, VLBA, GBT
      • Beginning to plan mm on-line course; discussing ideas for a summer school more suited to novices
      • Anticipating making casaguide-format scripts for SV data reduction. Postdocs?
      • Plone site still being proofed
      • Helpdesk: tickets soared as Adam took triage! 2-3 per day. Backlog on KB articles
    • Data Services Group & Computing (Mark L / David H)
      • Agreed upon url that will be used
      • making sure that we can get image cubes into the archive
      • data storage: ~150 terabytes
      • Spatalogue quick picker in development
      • Helpdesk Tiger Team being set up; to improve One ALMA/One NRAO interface
      • Hardware ordered for cluster nodes
      • Mark on panel on data publishing at AAS (Wed morning)
      • Status of sw development workshop planning - will need to work on invite list. NSF needs to sign off on call and composition of review panel.
      • 20MB shared link with NOAO, up to 100MB between NRAO and Chile ?
    • JAO Support Group (John)
    • Tiger Team (Crystal)
      • SV datasets available (Al)

    • AOB

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