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NAASC Third Wednesday Team Meetings; C. Lonsdale Lead

Meeting Logistics:

  • Call time 13:00 ET or 17:00 UT
  • Duration: 1.0 hr
  • Locations: CV-ER230/TUC-N525/NRC/AOC West Conf. Rm/JAO-Alsacia/JAO-OSF(Science)
  • Connection for Video:
    • From NRAO select "CV-ER230"
    • hub ip=
    • alternative ip for Chile only, if above drops:
  • Phone: CV 230 hub 434 972-7268

Agenda, July 7, 2011(1st Wednesday, this month only)

* News & Information
    • Sabattical visitor starts in August: Jonathon Keohone. Joint appointment with EPO for astro 101 course development
    • PEP process winding up by mid-July
    • New NAASC Postdoc - Kimberly Scott (to be introduced at end of NAASC meeting, after her computer security session)

  • Upcoming timeline
    • Aug 1-5 TA workshop
    • August: panel meetings; results ~29th to PIs
    • September 1-29: Phase II products; [OT Phase II / CASA bootcamp ?]
    • September 30: start ES observations

  • Highlights from Groups & Teams
    • Management (Carol)
    • NRC (Gerald)
    • Science (Al)
    • Project news and CSV (Al, Stuartt)
    • Science Communications (Mark Adams)
    • EPO (John Stoke)
    • User Support Group (Carol)
      • Another Community Day in next 2 weeks (July 20 or 21) - EVLA, GBT, VBA; possibly at UC-Berkeley and UMD, with Socorro?
      • Visitor page update on science.nrao website. Should go live soon. https://science.nrao.edu/facilities/alma/scientific-visitors-info/naasc-visitor-support.
      • people will need help with script writing and data reduction - need system for assigning "friends." Scott will want and need help in determining assignments. The leads assigning PDs may need to be aware of the time that the PDs will need to spend with visitors.
      • May need to come up with a calendar of availability for assisting visitors.
      • Note: there is no easy way to broadcast to user base
    • Data Services Group & Computing (Mark L / David H)
      • Organizing SW Development Meeting - visualization analysis of data cubes, to be tied in with ALMA Development Proposal CfP. SOC telecon next week.
      • Pipeline/Archive Group discussions: ObsUnitSets will correspond approximately to science goals (document to be completed soon by L. Davis). Only two levels of ObsUnitSet will contain data, a bottom level and a group level that will group together observations made with different arrays/configurations but with the same correlator setups and pointing.
      • Early Science delivery plans being developed, will likely involve users obtaining their data products from the ARCs via an autheticated ftp process.
      • ideas on improving user registration welcome - telecon on Thursday led by S. Leon of the JAO
      • Many boxes downstairs for use on the pipeline; available for use over next year. Fast storage nodes and disks also on order
    • JAO Support Group
      • John on vacation
      • Leaving for Santiago for the TA workshop in August
    • Tiger Team (Crystal)
      • Meeting on Friday
      • lot of antenna data - Kartik will look at.
    • Additional reports from teams / individuals
      • Kimberly Scott is here

  • Main items
    • proposal statistics (Carol)
      • CONFIDENTIAL: 923 unique proposals submitted: 45% EU, 30% NA, 20% EA, 3-4% Chile, 1-2% other
      • avg # hours per proposal: 4.5
      • .4 tickets per proposal
      • Category: ISM Star Formation, Galaxies/Nuclei
      • Submissions close to expected, except Cosmology - so panel assignment as about right.
    • helpdesk workflow and tickets, and lessons learned (Tony)
      • Largest problem - anticipated short down times; server was down for about 1.5 hours, no way to communicate this to users. Need to formalize the announcement process.
      • Will need redistribute the helpdesk tickets more evenly.
      • overall, workflow worked well; triage seemed to work (rapid turnaround, enough coverage to answer tickets immediately last week of proposal period).
      • Triage meeting tomorrow.
      • When the same question was asked twice, a KB article was written - and when it seemed immediately like a good candidate for KB article.
    • overall lessons learned from proposal process; changes for cycle1 OT and process
      • Plan is for Cycle 1 to remain in Chile. Need coordinated response regarding the process.
      • Set up a page on Wiki for Lessons Learned from Proposal Process: LessonsLearnedALMACycle0
    • NAASC requirements for FY2012; input for finalizing the FY2012 Program Operating Plan
      • Milestones - due on July 15th. We have an opportunity to focus on the next 12 months; will follow the proposal plan, but there is some flexibility. Review committee gave some recommendations for changes. There is also a little bit of carry-over from this year. Please think about where the NAASC is going this year; share ideas, suggestions.

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