Agenda, 2:15pm December 14, 2011 (3rd Wednesday, rescheduled)

Present: Al W., John, H, Scott S., Todd H., Mark L, Mark A., Crystal, Dongchan, David M., Kimberly S., Adam L, Jeff M, Kartik (via skype).

  • News & Information
    • Thanks for persevering during these many activities!

  • Upcoming timeline
    • SB preparation * IT5 * Dec 2 - Jan 10: 3rd batch of SBs, extended array
      • Increasing success on Cycle 0 - another mitigation: increase obs efficiency by increasing time to 43 minutes.
    • NRAO wide CDEs
      • Maryland Dec 15 (Jim + Tony).
      • ALMA/EVLA/CASA Worksop at CalTech in January, 2012 (Miriam)
      • CDE in Australia (Scott S. and possibly Remy I.) in February
      • Berkeley Jan 13 (Tony + Kimberly)
      • 2012 First half: Cycle 1 CfP?
      • Proposal is to continue Cycle 0 for some months beyond expected end (propose!).
      • 2012 First half: Cycle 1 proposal deadline
        • Also proposed (awaiting Board approval): Announcement that was supposed to go out Dec1, may go out beginning of Jan. Call may beApril/May.
    • Jan 8-12: Austin AAS, Town Hall, Special Session, Splinter Session- To focus on science
    • AAS splinter and special sessions. Fred will open, Dale Frail will close with time scales of proposals across NRAO
      • Town Hall: Discussion 14 Dec.
      • Special session dry run on Monday, Dec 19?.
      • Splinter session dry run not scheduled yet.
    • March 3-6: Next Science Workshop (VI): Outflows, Winds, and Jets: from Young Stars to Supermassive Black Holes
    • Oct 3-5: ALMA Science Meeting proposed, Santiago
    • First week Dec: NRO 30th anniversary conference, Hakone. Being planned.

  • NAASC Focus Items

  • ES Cycle 0 instrument status

  • Other Topics from Groups & Teams
    • NRC (Gerald)
    • Taiwan (Aaron)
    • Science
    • AAS Meeting
    • Project news and CSV (Al, Stuartt)
    • Science Communications (Mark Adams)
      • NRAO 2012 calendar avail Dec 15; copies will be distributed at AAS
      • How many hard copies of Primer to bring to AAS? Planning to bring 200. Adam needs about 50. Will also need some for Berkeley (Mark A said they'll print more for Berkeley).
    • EPO (John Stoke)
    • User Support Group (Carol)
      • Requests for webinars; working on this
    • Data Services Group & Computing (Mark L / David H)
      • David H: ER Cyberinfrastructure
      • Everyone will get 1GB connection. Cluster will have 40GB band.
      • Chile 1TB/day possible, but this brings their network down to a crawl. JAO IT was restricting our flow to 20GB; may be able to improve that. Long-term solution to get dedicated link of 100MG/sec (perhaps in a month or two).
      • Archive and metadata sync issues. Metadata is now synched. Lost a database, so are not able to get to some of the data; need to mirror it back. Dec 1 - to now is recovered, working on earlier data recovery.
    • JAO Support Group (John)
      • Technical handbook out for review. Please send only global comments by Dec 27th.
    • Tiger Team (Crystal)
      • Meeting tomorrow? Not sure if its a good use of time - comments?
    • Additional reports from teams / individuals

-- LyndeleVonSchill - 2011-12-14

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