Agenda and Minutes - December 14, 2015, 1300 UT

Time: 1300 UT, December 14.

Skype: I will initiate a Skype voice-only call. If I do not have your Skype account email, please send it to me. My account can be found under jcrossle at nrao dot edu.


Agenda / Minutes

Action items from previous meeting

  • ACTION (Rein, Maria): Confirm that KB notifications are now being received.
    • Evanthia reports that Maria has received KB emails but Rein has not. Anand will ask Chris to check email log.
  • DONEACTION (Sarah): will remove lost password link from user interface.
    • Will be in the next push to production. CIS-188
  • DONEACTION (Sarah): back button does not work on reports page.
  • DONE ACTION (Anand): Finish SCIREQ ticket prioritization documenting the need for developer involvement on each ticket using google sheet
    • After discussion with Chris, it turns out that all issues for which we have sufficient information to warrant developer action require 1 day or less work effort. Quite a few issues require further discussion before developer effort can be estimated.
  • DONE ACTION (Anand): Add column for each HDWG member to enter priority level. Send email to HDWG when ready.
  • DONE ACTION (Anand): Quantify user survey feedback. How many users commented on each item in SCIREQ-507?
    • Evanthia reports that, in addition to 2 comments in the user survey, EU users have requested the ability to reply to HD tickets by email. Anand will talk with NRAO IT staff about this possibility.
    • Anand will create a SCIREQ ticket to provide users who are unable to login with some means of contacting us.
  • DONE ACTION (Anand): Include EU concern about transfer ticket notification emails in discussion within SCIREQ-466.
  • DONE ACTION (Anand): Generate a SCIREQ ticket to discuss improvement of notification rule interface.
  • DONE ACTION (Anand): Create notification rule for Transfer to EA department.
  • DONE ACTION (NA): Make an external copy of 67 KB drafts over a year old and delete from the HD.
  • DONE ACTION (Sarah): Add number of user responses to the spreadsheet showing KB article ratings.
  • ACTION (Anand): Ask Tony R. whether or not cycle assignments spreadsheet should be updated.


  • Next F2F meeting (Anand) - I think it might be good to meet face-to-face before the March call.
    • Possible agenda items:
      • Review and discuss SCIREQ tickets
      • Answer questions about notification rules and brainstorm ways to improve the notification interface
      • Plan for CfP: divide the work effort
      • Others...
    • Available dates - NA will send out a doodle poll. Preliminary constraints:
      • Evanthia unavailable: Feb 17 - 24, Mar 3 - 4, Mar 7 - 9.
      • Misato unavailable: March (AOD shift), Feb 20 - 24.
    • Venue - it is ESO's turn to host the F2F meeting.
  • Failover testing (Anand) - Currently being scheduled by NRAO IT and web development staff. ETA possibly this week, definitely within the next month.
  • Prioritization of SCIREQ tickets (Anand)
  • Code changes will be pushed to production soon (Anand):
    1. SCIREQ-227: No more private notes.
    2. SCIREQ-481: pagination in staff interface now works with browser back button
    3. SCIREQ-235: snoopi access.
    4. SCIREQ-91: autoclose project tickets once a project is complete.
      • We decided that tickets should be resolved rather than closed when the project is complete. This will require further testing to verify that the automatic closing of resolve tickets working properly in conjunction with automatic resolving.
    5. Hyperlink bug fix: hyperlinks with punctuation at the end will now not include the punctuation in the URL
    6. Advanced search bug fix:
      1. using search fields option caused error
      2. quick search bar would give a ticket in read only mode if you selected a ticket from the drop down menu after a search.
      3. some tickets were incorrectly opened in read-only mode
      4. Improvements to search speed.
    7. Staff and admin login: added caps lock detection
    8. Single-sign-on bug fix: might not be a complete fix yet
  • KB article rating review - SCIREQ-556
  • Evanthia reported that the new ticket To-field autocompletion returns multiple email addresses per user. This is not supposed to happen. Evanthia will send Chris a list of user names that have multiple addresses.
  • Evanthia reported that Lars Ake Lyman requested that change requests be reviewed by contact scientists prior involving JAO. Anand reported that NA has received the same request.
  • The next version of the staff guide needs a clear description of status values. Staff are currently not using status values consistently.

Next meeting

  • January 11 @ 1400 UT
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