Agenda and Minutes - Dec 9, 2010 1400 UT

Discussion Topics:
  • Discuss JAO involvement of the helpdesk. A JAO representative will be available.
    • Juan Cortes was representing the JAO and he believes that the understanding from last week is fine that the JAO will begin continuous coverage of the helpdesk 36 hours before the proposal deadline. In addtion, the JAO will put together the appropriate implementation plan to inform the ARCs how to get a hold of the JAO in the Proposal Submission Emergency cases.
  • Suggested new departments from JHibbard - Concerning the departments, I think "Observing Simulation" is too narrow of a scope, and prefer the following:
    • General Queries
    • Observing Preparation (ETC, simdata, splatalogue, Primer,...) May change the name...EU will suggest a new name for the Dept.
    • Observing Tool and Proposal Submission (OT, SB generation, etc) Need to change the name...EU will suggest a new name for the Dept.
    • Data Reduction
    • Data Retrieval Change name to: Archive and Data Retrieval
    • ARC Support (visits, talk requests ...)
    • (Where does user portal go?) - The User Portal will go into "General Queries" making sure the "Tooltip" is descriptive enough for that department.
  • Progress report on the Entry Forms for each department. Should we put a final date on when these are due? - Entry form field, buttons, checkbox, pulldown menu requests will be sent to Remijan by Tues, Dec 14th.
    • See Kayako reporting report below for prototype entry form for "Visits". - this is an example of have a series of fields the user has to enter.
    • See the Data Reduction (CASA) department for examples of buttons and pulldown menu options.
  • What needs to be tested for IT3? - Need test matrix/policies set up - Due Jan 3rd. The list that I have so far is:
    • Test the global "Proposal Submission Problems Department" across ARCs. What should this be called?
    • Test email alerts to users when their ticket is assigned to a USS
    • Test email alerts to users when there is T-24 hrs and T-12 hrs remaining before their "resolved" ticket becomes "closed"
    • Test the Entry Forms for each department
    • Test if we can open tickets on behalf of the user.
      • Staff-generated SB tickets between JAO -> ARCs, not involving the user
      • Set up cross-ARC dept for proposal deadline one week before the deadline with T-36 hour emergency response before the proposal deadline.
      • Set up custom fields in entry forms
      • Test that user is notified when ticket is assigned
      • Test autoclose messages/times (no 24 hour notice, only notify upon closure)
      • Test Japanese language ticket xfer - set up and edit the staff manual with the work flow for the transfer of a Japanese ticket to another ARC.
  • AOB?
  • Next Meeting - Thurs, Dec 16th 1400 UT

Did not get too:
  • Any world-wide rules for publishing KB articles. We should draft the text that gets added to the Staffing Guide.
    • Discuss the "Save as Draft Option" - kb.png
  • Reporting options and displays. - kayako_reports.v2.pdf

May not get too...things to think about before next week:
  • "Define the Integrated Helpdesk Policies"
  • Formal Policy for Triage/helpdesk support Staffing

-- AnthonyRemijan - 2010-12-08
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