Agenda and Minutes - Dec 2, 2010 1400 UT

Discussion Topics:
  • Generation of one department before the proposal deadline that is worldwide - policy on staffing.
    • Rules for world-wide triage during proposal deadlines (basically just that triage happens at each ARC during the full operating hours, so that we have world-wide "follow the sun" coverage during that time. But JAO needs to be involved too.
      • It was agreed that the "follow the sun" coverage was preferred over each ARC manning the helpdesk for 24hours. This will require a single department to be established that can be seen by triage members from each ARC. This department will open 3 days before the proposal deadline to handle urgent proposal submission/UP questions. We will require that the JAO and the PHT begin continuous support 36 hours before the proposal deadline. At a minimum, they should provide continuous support and coverage 24 hours before the proposal deadline. They need to agree to this policy, of course, and something that should be tested in IT3. Triage personnel will require phone numbers and emails of contacts at the JAO for these emergency situations.
  • Incorporate the JAO into the helpdesk.
    • Separate Department? Do they do Triage?
      • This is not required. The ARCs will provide the triage and support to the users but the JAO must be available in an emergency situation.
  • Total number of HD departments - need more? need less?
    • 11 departments is too many, can we refine things down to 6 especially if we can use "tool tips" that contain descriptions of each department?
      • Suggested Departments:
        • General Queries (will include documentation and web)
        • Observing Simulation
        • Observing Tool and Preparation (will include Scheduling Block Generation, Proposal Preparation, Proposal Submission and Splatalogue)
        • Data Reduction (will include both the CASA and Other data reduction departments and the Pipeline)
        • Data Retrieval and Archive
        • Visits
        • Each Department will then need the appropriate "entry form". This should be done in consultation with the subsystem scientists to make sure they have what they need to answer the tickets.
          • NA will provide the entry forms for Simulation/Data Reduction
          • EU will provide the entry forms for ObsPrep/Data Retrieval and Archive
          • Each ARC will email Remijan what the entry form for their respective "visits" department should contain.
    • Something for the helpdesk WG to do is to define the final departments and which need specific entry forms (like the CASA one, where you require the user to input more information). eg. visitors probably does. These should be added as an appendix to the Staff Guide.
      • General Queries
      • Observation Simulation
      • Scheduling Block Generation
      • Data Retrieval
      • Data Reduction - CASA
      • Proposal Submission
      • Pipeline
      • Data Reduction - Other
      • Documentation/Web
      • Visits
      • Splatalogue
    • (Return To Triage)
    • (Assign to other ARC)
    • AOB?
    • Next Meeting - Thurs, Dec 9th 1400 UT

May not get too...things to think about before next week:
  • What needs to be tested for IT3?
    • Need test matrix/policies set up - Due Jan 3rd
  • "Define the Integrated Helpdesk Policies"
  • Formal Policy for Triage/helpdesk support Staffing
  • Any world-wide rules for publishing KB articles. We should draft the text that gets added to the Staffing Guide.
    • It has been agreed that a small number (~3-4) people at each ARC should be assigned to write the KB articles. These people should be the DA's, Triage and HD Managers. Working with the USS suggestions on what tickets should be turned into KB articles, a designated person will then write a KB article that will be reviewed by at least one other person at that ARC before being published. In addition, each ARC will need to have a view of the most recent KB articles submitted and the writers of the KB articles from each ARC should let each other know what articles they are working on and have submitted. The details have not yet been defined but in the long run, good KB articles with well defined subcatagories and keywords will help us in the long run..
  • Reporting options and displays.

-- AnthonyRemijan - 2010-12-01
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