Agenda and Minutes - Nov 14, 2014, 1200 UT

Discussion Topics

  • Replace the 'download data' tickbox from the face-to-face support form with a link directing to data delegation (only relevant for EU) (Evanthia)
    • EU has customized their page to do this. It would requires some custom code on the page template using jquery to do this. We will take a look at doing this. We prefer to rely on what's built into Kayako rather than doing customizations, however this is probably a fairly minor change.
    • Action Item: would EU please put in a SCIREQ ticket to request this.
  • Discuss whether (and how) helpdesk tickets can be closed automatically. The specific application we have in mind is to close the project tickets as soon as the last data delivery of a given project has happened (info available in the DB). (Evanthia)
    • This could be somewhat addressed by the new data tracker program that the DR team is planning, which will wait for data to be confirmed as having been delivered to NGAS before sending automated data delivery messages to PIs. So we should wait to see how this operates before deciding whether we want to automatically close tickets.
    • Alison points out that we have a policy to ensure that PI has got the data before closing ticket so there is a good reason for not implenting this request.
    • If EU still wants this considered, please submit a SCIREQ ticket
  • Add 'Archival Research' to the description of the department 'Archive and Data Retrieval'. (Evanthia)
    • Agreed. This will be done.
  • Relevance of 'sabbatical' visit under the 'Face to Face Support' (Evanthia)
    • This is not relevant for any of the ARCs so we will remove this
  • Remove excess categories box from KB page (Maria)
    • Items that are in the parent category are probably there by mistake because it is the default category. Anand will remove them from parent category and we will use that category only for tickets we particularly want folks to see, which will show up in the center of the page.
    • Anand will put test page up on test server with the box removed, for review before doing this on the live page.
  • Open SCIREQ tickets
    • All except 25 will be posted to the NRAO internal JIRA for developer effort; all have been previously discussed and agreed.
    • 25 is assigned to Maria
  • Plan for updating KB articles for Cycle 3
    • For Cycle 2 time the tickets were split up by ARC for review. It took several NA Data Analysts a few days to do both the review and the revisions for Cycle 2.
      • For Cycle 3 we will wait for final requirements to be decided in early December, then we will parse the KBs out between ARCs for review.
      • In early January we will have another telecon to discuss the need for new KB articles for Cycle 3 and to initiate the review of the existing ones. We will need to be aware of updates/additions planned for the other Call materials, notably the Proposer's Guide, the Primer and the Tech Handbook, before deciding on appropriate KB updates.

  • Next telecon: Date TBD in early January

-- CarolLonsdale - 2014-11-12
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