Agenda and Minutes - November 9, 2015, 1300 UT

Attendance: Evanthia, Misato, Anand, Alison, Sarah, Chris, Kelly, Tony

Agenda / Minutes

Action items from previous meeting

  • DONE ACTION (Sarah): Will create SCIREQ ticket for discussion of new ticket "as user"; option will be deactivated in mean time. SCIREQ-455
    • Fixed in production
  • DONE ACTION (Anand): Rein and Maria reported not receiving KB notifications. Will confirm that both are on the recipients list.
    • ACTION (Rein, Maria): Confirm that KB notifications are now being received.
  • DONEACTION (Anand): SCIREQ-225. Discuss HDWG involvement w/ John Hibbard.
    • This ticket describes requirements for SnooPI application. Currently, this includes some information about user's HD tickets. This will require access to HD DB. Discussion below.
  • DONEACTION (Anand): SCIREQ-179. Discuss HDWG involvement w/ John Hibbard.
    • ALMA Status Page -- an interim solution until SnooPI is available. Same relevancy to HDWG as SCIREQ-225.
  • DONEACTION (Sarah): Will deactivate private notes.
    • Fixed in production
  • DONE ACTION (Sarah): SCIREQ-91. Auto-close phase 2 tickets. Will ask developers for estimate of effort required.
    • Would take about a week of work.
    • Chris has already done most of the coding for this change. Roughly 1 day of developer time remains.
  • DONE ACTION (Sarah): SCIREQ-24. Will add an icon key to the staff guide. Will check Kayako documentation to make sure icons are up to date.
  • DONE ACTION (EU): Will generate a SCIREQ ticket to discuss HD configuration for ARC transfer tickets.
  • DONE ACTION (Sarah): Duplicate KB categories. Will fix; will also investigate history to see how this happened.
    • Fixed in production
  • DONE ACTION (Sarah): KB articles in the "Parent Category" appear on the KB home page. Will remove article from parent category and update workflow in staff guide.
  • ACTION (Sarah): will remove lost password link from user interface.
    • lost password link now takes user to the SP lost password page. Full removal of link is pending deployment.
  • ACTION (Sarah): back button does not work on reports page. will fix
    • fixed on test server. pending deployment.
  • DONEACTION (Sarah): Ticket 7192/7193 received twice. will investigate
    • The user submitted one ticket to NA 7192, then another to EU 7193. They must have seen that their ticket went to NA, so they changed groups on the science portal and then submitted the second ticket.
  • DONE ACTION (Sarah): Ticket search shows inaccessible tickets. Search bug. Will be fixed. SCIREQ-492
  • DONE ACTION (Anand): Will review our survey response and post comments to SCIREQ. SCIREQ-507
  • DONE ACTION (Sarah): KB category plan. Will create SCIREQ ticket for discussion and follow up. SCIREQ-478


  • SCIREQ ticket priorities (Anand)
    • We need to prioritize open SCIREQ tickets because developer and WG staff time is limited. Sarah has started a google sheet for this purpose. The sheet shows the current (JIRA ticket) priority level and whether or not the issue requires developer action.
    • ACTION (NA): finish this sheet by documenting the need for developer involvement on each ticket
    • We agreed to use the google sheet to set priorities. Each HDWG member will have a column to enter his/her opinion on issue priority. At our next meeting we will discuss differences.
    • ACTION (NA): Add column for each HDWG member to enter priority level. Send email to HDWG when ready.
    • Suggestion: Add columns for each HDWG member to rank ticket priority. We can discuss ranking differences at next meeting.
  • User survey results (Anand): I created SCIREQ-507 to discuss HD issues related to the user survey. Please read and respond in ticket. We can discuss during meeting if time allows.
    • ACTION (Anand): Quantify user survey feedback. How many users commented on each item in SCIREQ-507?
  • SCIREQ-488 (Maria)- All ARCs see the tickets in the 'Transfer to NA/EU/EA' departments, a ticket in these departments will be displayed on the inbox page because the inbox displays all not-closed tickets for all departments you can see. But what about tickets between the other two arcs that need no involvement from your own arc?
    • Evanthia believes Maria's concern was not about seeing other ARC's transfer tickets in her inbox, but rather getting notification emails about other ARC's transfer tickets. This problem can be addressed by updating notification rules.
    • ACTION (Anand): Will make sure this issue is included in the discussion within SCIREQ-466.
    • Sentiments were expressed by several participants that the HD notification interface is difficult to use. Kelly suggested that the developers create a customized notification view that could, for example, allow us to see all notification rules for a specific person and/or all notification rules for a specific department / ticket / user group. Anand will generate a SCIREQ ticket to discuss.
    • ACTION (NA): Create notification rule for Transfer to EA department.
  • SCIREQ-492 (Maria)- In the new advanced search, we can view the Data Reduction department tickets at other ARCs in read-only format, as well as the Data Reduction tickets used by NRAO to support non-ALMA CASA users. This allows us to leverage a broad base of CASA expertise. (All other tickets are visible in read-only format using the HD reports.)
    • Evanthia reported that one of the ticket results returned by the advanced search produced an access denied message. If she sees this again, she will report it in SCIREQ.
  • KB Review (Anand): Sarah has composed a google sheet (there are 2 tabs!) to help us review the following
    • Look at list of not-published KB articles (first tab)
      • There are 102 draft KB articles. 67 were last edited over a year ago.
      • Do we want to clean out all drafts older than a certain date? We could save them outside the HD.
        • ACTION (NA): Make an external copy of 67 KB drafts over a year old and delete from the HD.
    • Look at user ratings (2nd tab): We need to add the number of user responses to this spreadsheet before these ratings will be useful for review. ACTION (NA)
  • SCIREQ-225 - SnooPI requirements (Anand)
    • SnooPI requirements include display of some information on user HD tickets. This will require the application to access the HD DB.
    • Maurizio Chavan has requested access to HD DB for SnooPI development. Access to staging server DB granted.
    • Risks: The only risk I see in read-only DB access is if a high number of read requests slows the server down. Others?
    • Propose: We continue to allow read-only access to staging server for development and testing. Request SnooPI developers estimate request rate and average data per request for production application.
    • Chris reported that he and Kelly have created a risk mitigation plan. Rather than letting SnooPI access the HD production DB, they will create a clone of the DB for this purpose.
  • SCIREQ-235 - HD procedure for ARC transfer
    • ACTION (Anand): Ask Tony R. whether or not cycle assignments spreadsheet should be updated.

Next meeting

  • December 14, 1300 UT
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