Agenda and Minutes - Oct 10, 2014, 1200 UT

Discussion Topics

  • Use of SCIREQ JIRA
    • We will begin using this for submission of issues, bugs etc. for the helpdesk. Anand will minimize the use of the google sheet.
  • Removal of the pending status: Anand
    • EU continues to use pending. So we will keep it.
  • Inverting the order of discussion in the user view: most recent post at top
    • EU would like to have a popup the first time a user logs in. It would be a lot of work to do this only for the first time a user logs in. Also users often have popups suppressed. Therefore we will put up a banner announcement for about a month. NA to mock up on the test server.
  • Integration of NRAO helpdesk with ALMA helpdesk: Anand
    • Issue regarding access to CASA tickets across the ARCs (and NRAO) so that all staff involved in CASA support can see all tickets, read only. EU would like to ask their folks who support the CASA tickets what they think. It could be possible to satisfy the requirement using reports.
  • Notifications for tickets from users who have changed support ARC
    • Caused by the template group remaining in the user's browser cache. No easy way to fix this except for asking the user to clear their cache. Kelly will experiment with using user group instead of template group in Kayako test.
  • Add "Archival Research" in Archive Department description
    • Agreed. We can add "archival research" to the list of issues appropriate for the archive department.
  • Reports still not available
    • Kelly has re-implemented the reports. However it times out and causes an error. Kelly will add a method to keep the connections alive by pinging the database.
    • Kelly would like to know which reports would be most important to work on next.
      • Anand would like to see summaries over time.
      • Kelly estimates he can have the original reports back up in about a month. Will give this as an assignment to the new hire.
    • The break down a year ago was due to a project-wide upgrade of TOMCAT. We will keep this version into the future so we can have a fall back in case of future TOMCAT upgrades.
  • Enhancements / bug fixes
    • No. 4: nobody remembers why this was requested. In any case the page has now been restructured so we don't need the list on the left when it is now also below the line.
    • For the remaining items, NA will close those which are judged too costly and transfer the others to SCIREQ. In particular we do not want to go accept enhancement requests that go too deep into modifying the vendor code, because that causes a large effort when a new Kayako version is released.
  • Feedback from User Survey
    • There is little in the survey regarding helpdesk operation
    • We have a priority task to decide on the KB article updates/additions required for Cycle 3
  • Planning the next face-to-face meeting
    • It is not clear that a f2f will be needed soon since the level of work on the helpdesk is low. We will wait to see how the discussion about the KB article work for Cycle 3 develops.
  • Next telecon: November 7, 12.00 UT

-- CarolLonsdale - 2014-10-07
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