Agenda and Minutes - October 5, 2015, 1200 UT

Attendance: Rein, Evanthia, Maria, Misato, Alison, Anand, Chris, Kelly, Sarah

Agenda / Minutes

Work done since last telecon (Anand)

  • Login
    • links are properly followed after login process
    • fixed bug related to unicode characters in user names
    • Reactivated new ticket "as user" option
      • ACTION (Sarah): Will create SCIREQ ticket for discussion; option will be deactivated in mean time. SCIREQ-455
  • KnowledgeBase
    • improved notification emails
    • added revision history to email and web interface
    • ACTION (Anand): Rein and Maria reported not receiving KB notifications. Will confirm that both are on the recipients list.
      • Confirmed.
  • Advanced search
    • revised staff and user help documentation
    • fixed indexing bug
  • Ticket interface
    • fixed CC-field autocompletion bug
  • Account management:
    • Removed user profile picture inoperable button
    • Removed create, delete, enable, disable user management buttons from Staff Interface.

SCIREQ Open Issue Review (Anand)

  • SCIREQ-436 — Decide on text for contacting PIs of projects used for E2E testing; your input here is requested
  • SCIREQ-225 — Observation Monitoring Tool (OMT) — current requirements proposal contains potential list of a user’s Helpdesk ticket; may require some amount of HD developer involvement. Your input welcome.
    • ACTION (Anand): Discuss HDWG involvement w/ John Hibbard.
  • SCIREQ-179 — Improvements to ALMA status page. This is a place holder for the yet-to-be-developed OMT. Your input welcome.
    • ACTION (Anand): Discuss HDWG involvement w/ John Hibbard.
  • SCIREQ-227 — Private notes. Does anyone use them?
    • ACTION (Sarah): Will deactivate private notes.
  • SCIREQ-228 — KB notification emails highlight changes.
  • SCIREQ-235 — Workflow for approving PI change of ARC for support. This has stalled with Jim Braatz (SP SsS). Anand will check in w/ Jim this week.
  • SCIREQ-162 —- Missing email caused by user being in default group. Not supposed to happen. We are investigating to determine the cause.
  • SCIREQ-194 — delete old draft KB articles. This needs investigation. Anand/Sarah will take this.
  • SCIREQ-91 — close project tickets w/ final delivery; still of interest to EU?
    • ACTION (Sarah): Yes. Will ask developers for estimate of effort required.
  • SCIREQ-24 — Does anyone still care? If so, can we agree to document kayako icons in the staff guide rather than using tool tips?
    • ACTION (Sarah): Will add an icon key to the staff guide. Will check Kayako documentation to make sure icons are up to date.
  • SCIREQ-182 — This is basically a failover testing issue.

Other Issues (Maria)

  1. Notifications: every day they are more messed-up... (e.g. a notification didn’t reach a given person, tickets that are being assigned are marked as 'new ticket', notifications arrive at EU for tickets from NA/EA...)
    • ACTION (EU): Will generate a SCIREQ ticket to discuss HD configuration for ARC transfer tickets.
  2. KB user interface: the old item of removing duplicated info (namely that the categories are still shown on two places, the left side and the bottom of the page)
    • ACTION (Sarah): Will fix; will also investigate history to see how this happened.
  3. KB user interface: not clear why one KB article appears at the end of the page. Is this the newest one? It looks messy anyway...
    • ACTION (Sarah): Articles in the "Parent Category" appear on the KB home page. Will remove article from parent category and update workflow in staff guide.
  4. 'Lost password' keeps on being shown at the helpdesk interface. This is confusing and should be taken out (this is also a very old item...)
    • ACTION (Sarah): will remove
  5. 'Back' button doesn't seem to work on the reports page
    • ACTION (Sarah): will fix
  6. Tickets 7192/7193 (we received the same ticket twice, once via the 'transfer to EU', one directly at the EU HD). The user did not change email address though. So not sure why this is happening.
    • ACTION (NA): will investigate
  7. Ticket search: we are shown tickets that we cannot access (because they belong to another Exec). This is confusing.
    • ACTION (Sarah): Search bug. Will be fixed. SCIREQ-492
  8. Are we planning any action as a result of the User’s Satisfaction Survey?
    • ACTION (NA): Will review survey our response and post comments to SCIREQ.
  9. KB Articles: Categories similar to Departments? What is the plan for Early Science Departments 0/1/2/3? Do we continue this way?
    • ACTION (Sarah): Will create SCIREQ ticket for discussion and follow up. SCIREQ-478

Priority Planning (Anand)

  • NA Software Developers will set priorities in mid October — this is a good time for us to put in requested changes
  • Failover testing — expected by end of October
  • Upgrade to newer kayako software version
    • Will include various vendor bug fixes
    • Redesigned user and staff interface
    • Will require HDWG inspection/testing
    • Not urgent: schedule for deployment by mid-December?
    • Ran out of time. Will discuss at next meeting.
  • Other requested changes?

Any Other Business?

  • I propose meeting nominally once per quarter to review progress, status, and set priorities. Extra meetings as needed. Thoughts?
    • Due to extensive discussion, we have agreed to meet again next month.

Next telecon: 2015-11-09 @ 13:00 UT.

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