Agenda and Minutes - Sept 07, 2012 1200 UT

Discussion Topics:
  • Progress on upgrade to Kayako 4.0 upgrade - timeline for deployment. Status of the integration of NRAO Helpdesk into ALMA Helpdesk
    • A prototype of the merged helpdesk is up and running here:
    • At that URL, the user will see the ALMA-themed site with ALMA departments. Staff permissions have been set up so that ALMA staff will only see ALMA departments, and NRAO staff will only see the NRAO departments.
    • Permissions can be fine-tuned so that some individuals or teams can see across that boundary, i.e. for CASA tickets.
    • A separate URL visible only on our internal network (for the moment) shows an NRAO-themed helpdesk site for NRAO users.
    • Here's a tentative plan for upgrading/merging:
      1. upgrade [one of] NRAO or ALMA to Kayako v4
      2. allow some time period for any bug fixes, and to let the dust settle
      3. upgrade [the other of] NRAO or ALMA to Kayako v4
      4. [more dust settling]
      5. import the NRAO tickets using the Kayako v4 API (has not been completed in the prototype)
    • DISCUSSION: The updated ALMA Kayako 4.0 helpdesk is available with all tickets through about 8/17/2012 including all the KB articles. The only thing that needed tweaking is the CAS authentication interface. Also, users will have to reset their alerts in Kayako 4.0 because those options do not carry over. In addition, we need to test all the custom fields that we generated in Kayako 3.0 and make sure they all work the way we want in Kayako 4.0. If all the testing goes well, we should plan on a deployment of the Kayako 4.0 ALMA helpdesk on Oct 12, 2012.
    • ACTION ITEM: Testing should now start. Tony will send around a draft test matrix to the Executives by Mon, Sept 10th. The formal testing period for the HD will be from Sept 10-17. All reports should be sent back to Tony at the end of the Sept 17 testing period.
  • status of pending action items from the Mitaka f2f: KB alerts still contain no text, CRSC ticket reply time, automatically generated subject line for Cycle 1 Observing Programs tickets (will also need to generate new department ~end of October), how do we get users to not reply to the do-not-reply address
    • Likely possible by customizing the php files - but do we want to do more development on v3 at this time?
    • DISCUSSION: Most of the editing of the specific code should now be done on the Kayako 4.0 interface not 3.0. CRSC/PHT replies are still taking too long for some tickets...#2509 in EU/#2900 in NA.
    • ACTION ITEM: Kelly - adding the text of the KB articles to the KB article alerts. Kelly/Tony - add an automatically generated subject line to the Cycle 1 Observing programs. Needs to be done by end of Oct. Tony - Bring up non-replies from CRSC to John. Kelly - check out the email alert text to the users so they don't try to reply to the email but rather need to open the ticket.
  • minor quibble: when you press 'Reply' on a ticket the notes (e.g. made by the PHT) vanish from the screen - is there any way to keep them visible while replying to the ticket?
    • DISCUSSION: Should be a simple fix in 4.0
    • ACTION ITEM: Kelly will look into this option.
  • should the status of a ticket automatically change back to 'Open' when a user replies?
    • DISCUSSION: Should be already implemented.
    • ACTION ITEM: Kelly/Tony will look into this setting because we thought it was already "on".
  • Emergency Department Staffing
    • Is it okay that tickets submitted by NA users were answered by EA and EU?
    • If NA is going to be on triage for 24 hours a day the last week or so, should we just take our own tickets?
    • DISCUSSION: There was no complaints in EA or EU for NA staff answering tickets. As such, we should keep the staff "as is" and if NA decides to do 24 triage for Cycle 2, they will let the other executives know.
  • “Pirating” tickets by other staff
    • When is an reply needed to make the answer even “more right”. Should the Staff just add a note?
    • DISCUSSION: A user should not receive a reply from more than one staff member unless the ticket ownership has been transferred to the other staff. As such, the "pirating" of tickets should really not be allowed yet all staff should feel free to add a note to a ticket if they think they have further information that will help clarify the reply.
    • ACTION ITEM: During the update of the staff guide, Tony will add a section on the etiquette of adding notes to tickets that are not assigned to a specific staff member. In addition, make sure that the staff guide has the right alert described in the staff section so the staff gets the alert that a note has been added.
  • Policy/Design Decisions and “How” to tell users – “Why were we limited to only 5 SBs???”
    • DISCUSSION: Especially when the technical capabilities are released, if there are any policy or design decisions made that need to be communicated to the users, we should get the appropriate text by the JAO or the developers. It was agreed that there should be a coordinated response given to each user on these design/policy issues.
    • ACTION ITEM: EU will coordinate that effort. After the tools and technical capabilities are released for Cycle 2, EA and NA should send their concerns or questions on what users may need in a KB article to the EU ARC for generation into a KB article.
  • HD Tickets submitted by SciStaff? Didn’t have a large number but it wasn’t 0
    • DISCUSSION: This also happens in EU, not so much in EA.
    • ACTION ITEM: Treat all tickets the same, especially if they are opened by a staff acting as a user.
  • Rotating the HD working group lead?
    • DISCUSSION: Things are going well and we should keep things as they are.
    • ACTION ITEM: Tony to stay on for another "Term"...yet "term" was not defined. smile
  • Updating KB articles after integrated tests
    • DISCUSSION: See discussion on the Policy/Design issues above.
  • AOB?
    • DISCUSSION: Next meeting - Thurs, Sept 27th at 12UT.

-- AnthonyRemijan - 2012-09-06
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