Agenda and Minutes - September 06, 2013 1200 UT

Discussion Topics

  • f2f Meeting logistics - Oct 8-9
    • Please fill out a f2f visitor support ticket and transfer the ticket to NA. Lyndele will help set up the reservations for you at the Cavalier Inn on the Campus of the University of Virginia. If possible, send along the flights into Charlottesville and Tony will pick you up from the aiport and take you to the hotel. Tony will pick up the participants from the hotel each AM and bring them to NRAO. Light breakfast and lunch will be provided. Dinner on Tues night should be at the Citizen Burger Bar - if everyone agrees. Finally, you MUST include your full name and birthday in the f2f ticket - necessary for US Department of Homeland Security. Any other questions on the logistics email Tony or add to the f2f ticket. Safe Travels!
  • Progress report on SSO-2?
    • Kelly hard at work with Maurizio. The anticipated deployment is with the other large ALMA software releases. All that is really needed now is Kelly to finish up the packaging and deploy for testing. The Helpdesk WG needs to test the new capabilities because while this is primarily for cross authentication for NRAO/ALMA users, we need to ensure that functionality is not broken when deployed.
    • AI: Kelly to get a time table, test plan and deployment schedule from Mauizio for testing the SSO2 with the other ARCs. Needs to be deployed no later than the beginning of the year if we are planning the ALMA/NRAO Helpdesk merger for the spring 2014.
  • Kayako 4.5 upgrade plans?
    • Need a test version in place by Sept 20 (no later than Sept 27th). Testing by the Helpdesk WG will take place from Sept 20 - Oct 18. Deploy Oct 21 with the anticipated CfP coming out on Oct 24th.
    • AI: Remijan and Kelly to firm up the test and deployment plan this week.
  • Helpdesk Enhancement requests from EA
    • Helpdesk system shows a search result on-going tickets and closed tickets separatly . By default, it displays only on on-going ticket as a search results. In this case, closed ticket is filtered. If we choose "closed ticket" filter , it displays Closed tickets. My question is "Can helpdesk system show a search result of all submitted ticket? (in single table)". In EA, we use the search table of helpdesk for the check for preventing missing contact. It is double-checked about "contact to PI" about phase II generation etc. It is convenient if we can display closed ticket and on-going ticket simultaneously.
      • AI: Anand will investigate setting up a unique view to do this with Admin/Triage permissions. At the same time, Anand will look at the reports page and see if that contains the correct views for all tickets with all status'. If this requires custom programming, the WG will discuss and prioritize the item at the f2f meeting.
  • Helpdesk Enhancement requests from EU
    • multiple viewers of tickets/adding notes view in reply.
      • Came out of the ARC node retreat. Want co-PIs to actually reply to a ticket. Replies will not be seen by the Co-Is sent by the PIs. Will take a LOT of programming effort. Is this actually in the Helpdesk Requirements? All executives need to weigh in on it. Come up with an estimate on how long it will take to do this.
      • This may be possible with a Kayako plugin API. However, does this violate any of the Helpdesk Policy Requirements? Many requests have come in from EU and NA about such a request so it is worth looking into.
      • AI: Suzanna to make a simple request for review by the Helpdesk WG that will be presented to Paola for discussion at the SciOps IPT meeting next Thurs, 9/12/2013.
    • WIll make the most recent reply to the ticket be the first thing the staff sees. - DONE
    • Work estimate for the adding of notes to a reply.
      • AI: Kelly will add this to the spreadsheet of customizations for the Kayako 4.4 to 4.5 upgrade and make sure it is done. This is a high priority item.
    • New sub-department for QA3 tickets? Under the data reduction department.
      • AI: Anand will add a new sub-department under the data reduction department for QA3 requests. This should easily be done thru the Admin interface.
    • should notes marked as 'private' (rather than to be seen by all staff) be visible to triage? I think this would be useful... and we get an alert anyway?
      • Triage staff should be able to view all aspects of the tickets assigned to their ARC for support. This includes private notes as well. An alert was triggered because of the new note event though it is not possible ot view the contents of that note because it is set to private. The other option is to view the ticket in the reports pages knowing the ticket ID number.
      • AI: Anand will see if a notification can be set up for triage to view even Private notes. May be done in the Admin view though may require programming effort. He will assess and report back to the WG.
    • I recently had the case of a user that had a NA accepted project but had since moved to the EU executive (and now has an EU Helpdesk account). How do we deal with tickets regarding projects from a different executive than the one the user is currently registered in?
      • It was agreed that the ARC for support where the Ph2 ticket was generated should retain ownership of that ticket throughout the lifecycle of that project including data delivery. The Request Handler should automatically download the data from the closest ARC. Though we still need to ensure that some policy is not violated concerning the allocated time for that PI.
      • AI: Remijan to come up with a suggested workflow for these types of tickets and ensure that the policy is not violated in any way with the original ARC for support retaining ownership of the ticket.
  • Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute (KASI) joined the EA ARC as an ARC node. The ARC members at KASI will participate helpdesk as a USS. We are planning to have introduction of the system and some test at the beginning of August.
    • Everything went well and the EA ARC is waiting for the JAO to transfer Korea staff/users into the EA workgroup.
  • AOB?
    • Expanding KB articles to include the "top 20" techincal issues when proposing for ALMA?
      • For discussion at the f2f meeting. Please review the documents attached to this page and determine 1) if EA or EU has similar concerns from their user base or additional items not covered in these documents and 2) if these warrent KB articles or rather should be included in the various ALMA user documents like the proposers guide, technical handbook, etc... These would be additional KB articles written in addition to the already work needed to transfer the relevant Cycle 1 articles to Cycle 2.
      • AI: ALL review the issues and prepare to discuss at the f2f meeting. Or, email Remijan with any other questions, concerns or issues that need to be discussed as a result of these documents. .

-- AnthonyRemijan - 2013-09-05

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