Agenda and Minutes - July 05, 2013 1200 UT

Discussion Topics
  • Helpdesk Failover to Socorro incident - Jun 26, 2013. Discussion of Adding new users to failover server
    • No problems.
    • Change the backup server note to say - "new users cannot register."
  • Progress report on SSO-2
    • Coding changes are largely in place. Way to set up the ALMA CAS server so it trusts the ARCs CAS surver users. Test server set up to try these next week. Institutions CAS server do not need to be motified.
  • Helpdesk Enhancement requests from EU - multiple viewers of tickets/adding notes view in reply.
    • Came out of the ARC node retreat. Want co-PIs to actually reply to a ticket. Replies will not be seen by the Co-Is sent by the PIs. Will take a LOT of programming effort. Is this actually in the Helpdesk Requirements? All executives need to weigh in on it. Come up with an estimate on how long it will take to do this.
    • WIll make the most recent reply to the ticket be the first thing the staff sees.
    • Work estimate for the adding of notes to a reply - couple days.
    • New sub-department for QA3 tickets? Under the data reduction department.
  • Kayako 4.5 upgrade - Need dates!
    • Everything needs to be done and tested no later than Oct 15th because proposal call on Oct 24th.
  • Integrated ALMA/NRAO helpdesk - anticipated for Spring 2014
    • Purely informational at this point - may slip if the 4.5 upgrade slips.
  • f2f Meeting - first week in October? Proposed Date - Oct 8-9
    • Confirmed - will start making plans.
  • AOB?
    • Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute (KASI) joined the EA ARC as an ARC node. The ARC members at KASI will participate helpdesk as a USS. We are planning to have introduction of the system and some test at the beginning of August.
      • May need help setting up notifications!

-- AnthonyRemijan - 2013-07-04
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