Agenda and Minutes - June 20, 2012 1200 UT

Discussion Topics:
  • As we move closer to the Cycle 1 all, all executives are seeing an increase in submitted tickets. One area of concern at the last f2f meeting was where the ALMA helpdesk was with respect to other facilities like Herschel and Spitzer. From Maria's research, we are very closely aligned with the Herschel load of submitted tickets and it appears as people are getting more comfortable with the system, more tickets are being submitted.
  • Workflow for the Emergency Department - coordination with the JAO
    • Will this site still be maintained and is it up to date -
    • Discussion: Tony talked with Juan and there was no discussion of the revised workflow for proposal submission emergencies as discussed with the SciOps IPT. Here is excerpt of the email that JHibbard sent to ARemijan regarding the action needed to be taken by the JAO in the chance there was a server crash or other "disaster"
    • >> Items from help desk f2f (action requested by A. Remijan):
      >> Need PHT to define workflow for possible OT server outages. Suggestions:
      >> - If not within 1hr of deadline: PHT posts message to SP as
      >> soon as outage identified "Server issues - please try again
      >> in 30min"
      >> - If within last hr before deadline: decide now that deadline
      >> will be extended in 1hr increments. Post this information to
      >> SP with new deadline(s)
      >> - Under no circumstance suggest that users submit aot files to
      >> helpdesk
      • We (SciOps IPT) agreed. It is to be conveyed to Gautier, who did not attend last weeks telecon. So we should follow up this week.
  • Action Item: Tony needs to confirm with JHibbard and the JAO that this was conveyed to Gautier
  • Action Item: Helpdesk working group will set up a test of the Emergency System the week of July 2nd to test the procedures put in place. EA will open the emergency department for the test and EU will close the department. Specifics of the test will be circulated next week to the WG.
  • Progress report on items discussed at May f2f meeting.
    • ACTION ITEM: Maria will change the text in the Proposers Guide from 72 to 36 hours - DONE!
    • ACTION ITEM: Kazuya opens the department as ADMIN – Kelly will show how - DONE!
    • ACTION ITEM: Suzanna to check with the OT people for a descriptive error (a link to the SP) of the problem when the server is down, etc... - DONE!
    • ACTION ITEM: Maria will write a KB article to remind users to add their co-Is and have their co-Is register well before the proposal deadline (at least 24 hours) - NOT DONE!
      • Should go into the OT documentation – may already be there but made clear. ACTION ITEM: Suzanna to followup with Andy/Evanthia.gister well before the proposal deadline (at least 24 hours) - DONE!
    • Alerts when users just “update” the additional fields. Status of that action?
      • ACTION ITEM: Kelly – will generate an alert outside of the Kayako alert system, a bit of custom coding will be required for this action. Make this a higher priority fix (#2513). Especially impt for EU as they assign f2f tickets to ARC nodes. - NOT DONE!
    • KB article reporting
      • ACTION ITEM: Kelly will check to see if this is built into Kayako 4.- NOT DONE!
      • ACTION ITEM: Put the whole text of the article that is updated or posted new into the email alert. (Kelly).- NOT DONE!
      • Getting too many Alerts!
        • ACTION ITEM: Kelly will edit the code to send an alert only when the article is set to published not for every edit of the draft. - DONE!
    • ACTION ITEM: Change the name of the Phase 2 Generation department to – “Cycle 0(1) Observing Programs” (Kelly) - DONE!
    • ACTION ITEM: Kelly will investigate putting in an automatically generated subject line where the Contact Scientist/Triage must put in the Project ID – “Your ALMA Project – XXXXX” - NOT DONE!
    • ACTION ITEM (Kelly): EMAIL ALERTS! – CRSC and PHT are getting the email alerts. However, when tickets are opened on behalf of the user and email addresses are added to the “CC” or “BCC” fields, they are NOT being delivered the first time the ticket is opened. Only after a “Post Reply” is done are the tickets being delivered. - DONE!
    • ACTION ITEM: Tony will follow up with Juan about setting up the appropriate privileges in the Project Tracker for Helpdesk Managers/Triage. IN PROGRESS
    • ACTION ITEM: Kelly will work on this “Pre-defined” response when a ticket reply is posted.- NOT DONE!
    • ACTION ITEM: Maria to follow-up w/Tommy & Alavaro on adding new links off the SP to the helpdesk and KB articles. - DONE!
    • ACTION ITEM: Remove the text - "ALMA Observer Support - Powered by Kayako...". - DONE!
    • ACTION ITEM: Again, we want a combination of the 2 where you have the most popular articles in the main frame and the list of KB catagories on the right. - NOT DONE!
    • ACTION ITEM: Tony will make a relevant KB article about commenting on a KB article. Also, will edit the instructions page on how to add a comment to the article. WG will review text. - NOT DONE!
    • ACTION ITEM: NEED TO REVIEW the searching both the SP and KB articles seems to be broken because of name the Plone site has changed from /asa to /portal. Kelly will work on this.- DONE!
    • ACTION ITEM: EU – Follow-up with Paola and the DSO to get the requested requirements changes approved. - DONE!
    • Update of users e-mails in database (upon change of e-mail in the SP)
      • Still not working. ACTION ITEM: Kelly will investigate and report on a resolution. HIGH PRIORITY! IN PROGRESS
    • ACTION ITEM(S): EA and NA will look into whether we have forms after a visit. EU will send the survey around for review.- DONE!
    • ACTION ITEM: Maria to check Herschel tickets submitted during Cycle 0, 1, etc… - DONE!
    • ACTION ITEM: Tony will follow up with Juan about setting up the appropriate privileges in the Project Tracker for Helpdesk Managers/Triage.
      • Discussion: The fear remains that without access to the project tracker, the HD triage staff will not have enough information about the proposals to help users after submission. So long at the JAO provide the ARC managers enough information about the proposals that were submitted then there should be no problem. So, no action needs to be taken at this time as we will wait to see if the provided information is enough for the Cycle 1 call.
  • AOB?
    • Discussion:
    • Action Item:

-- AnthonyRemijan - 2012-06-20
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