Agenda and Minutes - April 10, 2015, 1300 UT


  • Help desk testing (Anand)
    • Common help desk ready for testing. New features:
      • User sidebar changes with science portal linked institution. Sidebar contains logo and hyperlink to institution page.
        • EU: To which page do you want your logo linked?
        • EA: Currently there is no science portal option to link to EA.
      • Staff can view read-only CASA (Data Reduction) tickets at other ARCs and at NRAO.
      • Staff login page has been replaced by a CAS login to allow single sign on for staff on ALMA and NRAO HDs.
    • Advanced search ready for testing. New features:
      • Improved search results.
      • Staff search includes all ARC and NRAO CASA departments.
      • Search interface displays results in an aggregate list and in separate lists.
    • Links for testing:


  • Emergency Department (ED) Helpdesk staffing
    • The WG agreed on the suggested schedule for the emergency department as suggested, beginning 72 hours before the deadline. NA will open department on April 20 at 1500 UT.
UTC ARCSorted descending
1500 - 2300 NA
0700 - 1500 EU
2300 - 0700 EA
    • EU would like to ensure that NA does not begin taking any tickets until the EU shift is over at 15.00UT. This is necessary to prevent confusion and duplicate effort.
      • If EU finds they need help during their shift leading up to the deadline, they can email John and Anand with a list of tickets for NA to handle.
    • EA will recommend the use of English if investigators wish to have a fast reply. EU and NA can leave Japanese language tickets that come in during their shifts until EA takes over at 23.00UT.
    • If the 15.00UT deadline on the 23rd is extended for any reason, the HD triage will transfer to NA at 15.00UT
    • When the deadline occurs the ED will be closed and the triage passed to NA.
    • When the ED opens, a banner will be posted advising all investigators to submit tickets there. Also warning that tickets to other departments may receive slower response.
    • We will need to make sure the JAO on-call wiki is up to date.
  • KB articles. No comments on recent articles or new ones needed.
  • Should we prohibit PIs from changing their ARC for support? This was referred to HDWG by ISoPT, because sometimes we do not discover when PIs change their support ARC in the SP.
    • We prefer to allow PIs to change their ARC when they move, or if they are from Chile, Taiwan or non-ALMA partner countries.
    • The best way to handle this is to arrange for an email to be sent from the SP when a change is made by a PI. Chris has done similar things for the Socorro HD.
      • A SCIREQ ticket will be opened to request this feature.
      • The procedure for handling this event will be for the SP message to be sent to HD triage. Triage will send it for approval to the ARC manager of the original ARC. On approval it will be forwarded to the manager of the ARC that the PI wishes to change support to.
  • Helpdesk testing (Anand)
    • Help desk hardware upgrade planned for Apr 27; software upgrade planned for Apr 29. A splash page will inform users and staff that the help desk is offline for maintenance activity. Expected downtime 3 hours or less each day.
    • Feedback was requested from EA and EU regarding the common help desk changes and the search upgrade. Feedback required by April 17 to allow for changes before deployment.
    • Based on immediate feedback: Anand will follow up with Chris on making all ALMA CASA tickets visible to all ARCs in a read-only mode.
  • Display staff name in user interface ticket view?
    • Unanimous YES
  • PI view of the project tracker; request by ISoPT for HDWG to support this
    • Evanthia will be the Subsystem Scientist. Carol is NA Cognizant Scientist.
      • We need a nomination of a Cognizant Scientist from EA
    • Evanthia would like to collect ideas from CSs for input into the new PI view, which will be a new tool, not just a redacted version of the current PT. The current PT view will be used only by staff.
    • Mauricio will build the new view. Evanthia will meet with him on May 7 after returning from Santiago for discussions with Itziar.
  • Other topics
    • The problem with getting too many notifications is not solved (Evanthia)
      • This is reported in SCIREQ-152, and has not been worked on yet.
      • EU should check whether the duplicated tickets are coming from the EU template. If not EU to post example of duplicated tickets from other ARCs to SCIREQ-152.

* Next telecon: May 15

-- CarolLonsdale - 2015-04-06

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