Agenda and Minutes - March 06, 2015, 1300 UT


KnowledgeBase Preparation for Cycle 3


  • ACTION ITEM: Anand to open a SCIREQ ticket for the cc to old email address bug (done: 153). Chris / Kelly to review the issue
    • SCIREQ 153. Fixed and closed.
  • ACTION ITEM: EU and EA to select KB article departments they would like to take for review.
    • completed
  • ACTION ITEM: Carol to plan schedule for the revisions and their review.
    • completed
  • ACTION ITEM: Carol and Rein to ensure consistency with the Cycle 3 Call materials.
    • completed
  • ACTION ITEM: All to consider the need for new KB articles to support the Call. Discuss with ARC staff.
    • completed
  • ACTION ITEM Anand to look into why all ARCs can't see the test ticket for SCIREQ-21
    • This was due to going to the backup server. EU tested again, and it is fixed so this ticket can be resolved.
  • ACTION ITEM Rein to note any issues he sees with clarity in the user workflow including the icons, as he learns the Helpdesk.
    • discussed below
  • ACTION ITEM: Anand to review Evanthia's comments on SCIREQ 90 and 91
    • 90 has been sent to CIS 85; on list to implement
    • 91 on hold - waiting for data tracker to be implemented
  • ACTION ITEM: Evanthia to open a SCIREQ ticket for the duplicate email alert bug
    • done


  • Evanthia: can the article number be displayed? It cannot - it can be seen on the url only.
  • Rein: allow category-dependent searches. Chris said this could be done.
  • Evanthia: we should remove old drafts of KBs. Submit a SCIREQ. Chris / Kelly to figure out how to backup and remove drafts
  • A third state would be useful - obsolete
  • Evanthia found an article pending approval for 3 years. We should have a notification when articles lie dormant for a while
    • submit a SCIREQ
  • The emergency dept will be opened 72 hours before the deadline and staffed 24/7.
    • ticket 6241 in the emergency dept to be cleaned out.
  • Next telecon: April 10

-- CarolLonsdale - 2015-02-06
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